Focusing on the Individual

When developing the player it is important that we focus on the individual when we look at their progress. Too often we are quick to compare to others in all areas of life, as adults and kids. This brings about the ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’, and ‘fear of missing out’.

We never know the full background of anyone or any team we play against within league play, and this includes the ages of the players such as sports age, biological age, and chronological age.

We also focus heavily on individual development, and with this true development and winning cannot co-exist in the youth game, especially at the younger ages. Coaching creative players through their development stages involved allowing the players to problem solve and make their own decisions, play with high risk in going in to 1v1 attacking and defending situations, and playing in multiple positions.

If as a parent you are not sure on how your child is doing, take focus away from game results and look for how your child is doing with comparing. Are they happy to be in possession of the ball, are they willing to try skills in a game, do they make decisions without looking towards the coach or parent.

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