Continuing Coach Education

We have a huge belief in education, there are so many moving parts to a youth players development and experience, that it is so important for coaches and parents to keep educating themselves so players get the best experience –

Coach Education

Already in the 2018/19 season, our Fremont staff have been participating in courses from a number of sources –

  • Football Association Wales, UEFA
  • La Liga Methodology, US Club Soccer
  • United Soccer Coaches
  • United States Soccer Federation

This gives Fremont YSC the best possible opportunity for continuing to provide players with the needed environment for them to continue to improve but also love to play the sport.

The same theme continues when attending these courses and as a staff discuss our experiences. It is still a problem with parents placing so much emphasis on winning games in youth soccer and the playing bracket. Players need to be in an environment where they can be nurtured for their individual level. A club where coaches are educated and put the player first above any other factor, with an understanding of all the developmental pillars (technical/tactical, psychological, physiological, and sociological factors).

We are still awarding players for their chronological age with their league titles and tournament trophies, and still we insist on having 2 games or more in 1 weekend. More consideration for the individual needs to be made, and patience with those players who are late developers, whether by biological age or sports age.

Congratulations to all the coaches who have continued with their education, and we are always happy to speak with anyone about our experiences and education.

Please use our website as a resource to help with your education in youth sports.

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