Sports and Education

As we enter the spring season we also head towards end of year exams for students, with a huge workload from the schools.

The majority of children are enrolled in to and participate in multiple programs, creating a scheduling nightmare, and a conflict of what to put the most effort into. Sadly the ‘Fear of Missing Out’, has lead to organizations and programs expecting greater commitment to their cause, and children are now finding it harder than ever before to balance everything.

When you have youths put all their focus in to one discipline they will burn out, suffer with stress, and will find themselves not developing holistically as a well rounded individual. Participation in sport helps youths as a stress relief (if in the correct program and with good support around them), as sports should be fun no matter what the long term goal is. Sports will also help with much needed life skills, and having these skills practiced in real time through sports. Leadership, integrity, resilience, and communication are all vital to getting ahead in life, and are all key parts of playing sports.

When school work increases, it’s important for players to manage their time and find balance, being able to work to schedules and timelines, being efficient in how they spend their time, and finding a way to relieve stress. The following graphic should help with the busy exam time while playing sports.

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