Session Cancelled – 11/26/2019

Taking in to consideration the current weather and forecast for continued rain, and combined with the low projected numbers of attendance due to the holiday week, we will cancel practice.

The weather conditions for a regular practice session would be fine to practice in, players are fine to practice in inclement weather. However, as a coach we consider the playing enviornment, and while the session would be adjusted so players are less static than a coached session, the low numbers would slow down a practice session and therefore players would lose engagement and be more static.

Preparing for the Winter Sessions

Players need to dress appropriately for the conditions, and in the rain a rain jacket is recommended, and at least a warm up top should be worn. In the car following the practice a change of top should be ready. Players will not get sick from being in the rain, but will if not prepared for post exercise.

As a reminder, all players also need to be in Fremont YSC attire for all practices.

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