Fremont YSC, Player Profile: Fullbacks

We Have The Ball:

  • Good Speed Endurance To Get Forward.


  1. To make overlapping runs, under lapping runs, and unbalance the defense at speed.
  2. Create numbers up in attack.
  3. Not being physically fatigued to join the attack.
  • Willingness to Get Forward / Knowing When to Get Forward.


  1. Create numbers up in attack.
  2. Taking a risk to leave space behind you when going forward.
  3. Having an attacking mindset when We Have The Ball.
  4. Recognizing space in behind the defense to make an overlap.
  5. If playing Right Back, when the Right Winger rolls in towards the center of the field, this creates space for you to get forward down the wing.
  • Good Delivery of Passes / Crosses.


  1. Create scoring opportunities.
  2. Knowing what type of pass or cross to make, (early cross behind the defensive line / normal cross when between the top of the 18yd box and 6yd box / hard low driven cross / late cross once reaching the byline hitting the ball low and hard towards the top of the 6 yd box / lofted cross to the back post / in-swinging cross, out-swinging cross).

They Have The Ball:

  • Good in 1v1 situations.


  1. Most times Fullbacks will be in 1v1 situations down the sideline, and behind them is dangerous space for the attacking player to get in.
  2. Knowing when to poke for the ball / make a tackle, and when to delay and wait for the heavy touch from the attacking player.
  3. Coning in “side-on”, forcing the player with the ball to a specific side. Forcing the player away from the goal in in defensive third, or taking away the sideline and forcing the ball into the middle when we are in our attacking third.
  4. Not allowing the player with the ball to get off a cross in the box.
  • Recovery runs to cover weak side of the field.


  1. The weak side of the field is normally the area teams try to find their open player, when either switching the point of attack, or when crossing the ball.
  2. Recognizing the loss of possession and awareness of what part of the field you are in / where the ball is at.
  3. Reacting and recovering back on defense should be instant without hesitation.
  • Body shape to scan weak side of the field.


  1. When ball is on the opposite side and your chest is facing the ball, you cannot see the player or space behind you.
  2. Keeping your hips open to the field (facing opponents goal) allows you to scan and see the ball, and the open space and players on the weak side from where the ball is at.
  3. Keeping good body shape will also allow you to react and recover better if the ball ends up getting switched or played to your side of the field.

Being a Fremont YSC Fullback:

  • Good speed endurance to get forward.
  • Willingness to get forward / Knowing when to get forward.
  • Good delivery of passes / crosses.
  • Good in 1v1 situations.
  • Recovery runs to cover weak side of the field.
  • Body shape to scan weak side of the field.


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