Soccer at Home, No Better Way to Play

No matter when in the season, or the circumstance, playing at home either on your own or with friends at the park, is a great way to develop your playing ability.

Using the player elements as your reference to giving yourself direction on how to practice on your own, pick up a ball, head outside, and spend time working on the areas you want to develop. Refer to your player profile on what areas you’d like to improve on, and create your own practices.

Player Profiles –

Player Elements –

While creating your own sessions is great, sports should be fun, and this shouldn’t feel like ‘homework’, as soon as it becomes ‘work’, we’re losing the passion and reason for why we started. We started for the love of the game, the passion that comes with soccer culture, the social interaction of being with friends and meeting new people. Use this time to get together with friends, find an open space, be it the street or a park, and have a kick around. All you need is a ball, 1v1, 2v3, 5v5, no matter the numbers, you’ll have a great time and will improve your game.

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