Instagram Quiz: Defensive Midfielder

Each week we will be having Live – “Player Profile Quizzes” on our Instagram account. Throughout the week there will be trivia questions, and on Thursdays we will be having a Quiz based on playing scenarios when “We Have The Ball” or “They Have The Ball”.

This week’s Quiz is on Defensive Midfielders.

  • Player: Defensive Midfielder
  • Scenario: “We Have The Ball” – The ball is with our center back and we are looking to build up in the attack. Opponents are pressing with moderate pressure.

Question: Where should the Defensive Mid position themselves in order to receive the ball and build onto the attack?

A: (Option 1) 

B: (Option 2) 

Tune in to our Instagram Stories on Thursday afternoon to take the Live Quiz. (Answer will also be given, along with the “Why”).

To take the Live Quiz, please follow us on Instagram and take the quiz on our Stories.

Instagram: @fremontyouthsoccer

Trivia Quiz:

Question 1: What number is a Defensive Midfielders known to wear?

A – 5

B – 6

C – 8

D – 10


Question 2: Which Defensive Midfielder played at Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus and New York City FC?

A – Andrea Pirlo

B – Gennaro Gattuso

C – Daniele De Rossi

D – Fredrico Bravo


Question 3: Which club does USWNT Defensive Mid Sam Mewis currently play for?

A – Portland Thorns

B – Utah Royals FC

C – North Carolina Courage

D – Washington Spirit


Question 4: SJ Earthquakes Defensive Mid Jackson Yueill played at…

A – San Jose State

B – Stanford University

C – Cal Berkeley



Question 5: USMNT Defensive Mid Michael Bradley’s father (Bob Bradley) coached him in a World Cup.

A – True

B – False



*For Answers to the Trivia Quiz, read past this line.


Q1: B

Q2: A

Q3: C

Q4: D

Q5: A


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