Instagram Quiz: Wide Players

Each week we will be having Live – “Player Profile Quizzes” on our Instagram account. Throughout the week there will be trivia questions, and on Thursdays we will be having a Quiz based on playing scenarios when “We Have The Ball” or “They Have The Ball”.

This week’s Quiz is on Wide Players.

  • Player: Wide Players
  • Scenario: “We Have The Ball” – Right Winger is with the ball on the end-line, looking for a cross. 

Question: Where should the Right Winger play the cross?

A: (Option 1) Square ball directly to the Striker.

B: (Option 2) Dropped off into space for a player to run on to.

Tune in to our Instagram Stories on Thursday afternoon to take the Live Quiz. (Answer will also be given, along with the “Why”).

To take the Live Quiz, please follow us on Instagram and take the quiz on our Stories.

Instagram: @fremontyouthsoccer

Trivia Quiz:

Question 1: A Right Winger is known to wear which number?

A – 5

B – 6

C – 7

D – 10


Question 2: A Left Winger is known to wear which number?

A – 11

B – 8

C – 10

D – 7


Question 3: Neymar made his professional debut with Santos at what age?

A – 16

B – 17

C – 18

D – 19


Question 4: What was the last shirt number Cristiano Ronaldo wore when he played for Sporting Lisbon?

A – 10

B – 17

C – 7

D – 28


Question 5: Christen Press played for which college?

A – Stanford University

B – Santa Clara University

C – Cal Berkeley




*For Answers to the Trivia Quiz, read past this line.


Q1: C

Q2: A

Q3: B

Q4: D

Q5: A

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