Instagram Quiz: Fullbacks – pt.2

Each week we will be having Live – “Player Profile Quizzes” on our Instagram account. Throughout the week there will be trivia questions, and on Thursdays we will be having a Quiz based on playing scenarios when “We Have The Ball” or “They Have The Ball”.

This week’s Quiz is on Fullbacks.

  • Player: Fullbacks
  • Scenario: “They Have The Ball” – Right back gets forward with the ball, then loses it in possession when trying to beat an opponent 1v1.
  •  Question: Where should the Right back make their recovery run?

A: (Option 1) – Straight to the ball, to pressure from behind.

B: (Option 2) – At an angle, towards the 1st goal post.

Tune in to our Instagram Stories on Thursday afternoon to take the Live Quiz. (Answer will also be given, along with the “Why”).

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Instagram: @fremontyouthsoccer

Trivia Quiz:

Question 1: Left back Alfonso Davies currently has the Bundesliga in-game speed record of …

A – 10.2 mph

B – 18.5 mph

C – 22.7 mph



Question 2: A fullback covering the weak side of the field is…

A – On the side where the ball is at.

B – Behind the ball.

C – The side of the field with less players

D – The side of the field where the ball is not on.


Question 3: Crystal Dunn previously played for which European women’s club?

A – Chelsea

B – Lyon


D – Athletico Madrid


Question 4: Which player has played for Barcelona, Juventus and PSG?

A – Adrien Rabiot

B – Dani Alvez

C – Thomas Meunier

D – Luiz Da-Silva Danilo


Question 5: SJ Earthquakes Tommy Thompson played for which college?

A – Stanford University

B – Indiana University

C – Wake Forrest University

D – Santa Clara University



*For Answers to the Trivia Quiz, read past this line.


Q1: C

Q2: D

Q3: A

Q4: B

Q5: B

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