Instagram Quiz: Keepers – pt.2

Each week we will be having Live – “Player Profile Quizzes” on our Instagram account. Throughout the week there will be trivia questions, and on Thursdays we will be having a Quiz based on playing scenarios when “We Have The Ball” or “They Have The Ball”.

This week’s Quiz is on Keepers.

  • Player: Keepers
  • Scenario: “They Have The Ball” – Opponent’s right back has the ball in the corner in their half of the field and is being pressed.

Question: Where should the Keeper position themself in order to pick up any long balls over the top of their defensive line?

A: (Option 1) – Stays at the edge of their 18yd box. Never move outside.

B: (Option 2) – Move outside the 18yd box to close down space behind the back line.

Tune in to our Instagram Stories on Thursday afternoon to take the Live Quiz. (Answer will also be given, along with the “Why”).

To take the Live Quiz, please follow us on Instagram and take the quiz on our Stories.

Instagram: @fremontyouthsoccer

Trivia Quiz:

Question 1: When a Keeper picks the ball up from a pass-back by a teammate inside their box, it causes what type of foul?

A – Direct Freekick

B – Indirect Freekick



Question 2: Which Keeper had a record transfer fee of $90 million?

A – Kepa Arrizabalaga

B – Alisson

C – Ederson

D – Jan Oblak


Question 3: Who won the Golden Glove award in the FIFA World Cup 2018?

A – Manuel Neuer

B – Iker Casillas

C – Alisson

D – Thiabaut Courtois


Question 4: SJ Earthquakes Keeper Daniel Vega wears which Jersey Number?

A – 1

B – 17

C – 18

D – 23


Question 5: In the past, Keepers were only allowed to take no more than 4 steps with the ball in their hands.

A – True

B – False



*For Answers to the Trivia Quiz, read past this line.


Q1: B

Q2: A

Q3: D

Q4: B

Q5: A

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