Returning to Play – Covid-19 Response

As we come to the end of the current season, we now look ahead to the 20/21 season. In efforts to prepare and plan for the upcoming season, we have put together a phase of return to play in reference to the State and County opening stages. This presentation will provide information on how we will return to practice, and what will be put in place in the event of a return in the future to shelter in place.

Presentation: Covid-19 Return to Play

Questions Submitted During Presentation

  1. How do evaluations work?
    1. Returning players will be placed back on to the same roster. New players will be evaluated once we return to the fields, and will then be added to rosters. Players who would have been moving between teams from our experiences with the player will be contacted about the change.
  2. Do we know when we will be able to return to Phase 4?
    1. The situation is ever changing, and the county is currently going through stages of reopening. We cannot guarantee a date of return, but based on current information and rates of opening, we anticipate this would be from end of July to mid August.
  3. Are there plans to use thermal scanners?
    1. No, this was considered, but could have the negative affect of creating groups to gather and reverse our efforts for social distancing. We do ask parents to help and support us with player health, and a questionnaire will be provided to parents to monitor players on the day of practices.
  4. Is it one 30 minute session per week or multiple?
    1. 30 minute sessions will replace the regular sessions. Thursdays we will need to find an alternative to through the return phases as this is a large participation free play session.
  5. Are practice fields going to remain the same?
    1. Yes, we will still continue to use both Irvington Community Park, and Central Park.
  6. Why are we having a phased roll out, and not waiting until after phase 4 to be able to return?
    1. We are sensitive to the situation, both in health and financial concerns of families. We are following the guidance of CDC, County Health Department, and the City of Fremont, wile also taking recommendations from NorCal Premier and US Club Soccer. We will all have different levels of concern and that is understandable. Our phases will follow the guidelines, and there are benefits to returning to the field in support of the individual players psychological and social needs. We believe there must be balance, and therefore our phase 1 of returning to play will be waived in favor of continuing with a Zoom format.
  7. How will goalkeeping practice be implemented?
    1. Groups cannot mix until phase 4. Until we return to phase 4 there will be no goalkeeper practice as coaches can only stay with their teams during the earlier phases of return to play.
  8. Can we still come to practice early?
    1. While we strongly encourage players to arrive early and stay late to get extra practice, until we enter phase 4 players will only be able to attend for the times of their practice so we can ensure social distancing during our return.
  9. With the new orders, how will that affect the group sizes?
    1. We will be following whatever is mandated by the local health authorities, so we will be flexible in our phase of return to ensure we are within the guidance of health officials.
  10. If a player is not comfortable returning, will it impact the level at which they return next year?
    1. On a technical level, players can just get as effective individual practice through Zoom. The players ball manipulation and dribbling will not suffer through practicing at home. On a matter of the team they return to, all we ask is players register for the season and make their registration payment. A player will not need to make a payment if uncomfortable with returning to phase 2 of the return to play phases, and their spot will be kept for them until we return to team training in phase 3.
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