Cyber Soccer Camp = Lemonade!

This week we hosted our free online camp for any youth athlete to participate in, and we had a great week with hundreds of youth athlete’s. During SIP we introduced our ‘When Life Gives You Lemons’ online program, the camp was the finishing touches to our ‘lemonade’!

Participants got creative, not everyone having cones they would use teddy bears, shoes, and any object they could find to set up small playing areas, a throwback to street soccer with jumpers for goalposts!

Daily the participants worked on their juggling, dribbling/ball manipulation, and fitness with a ball topics, in a small playing area for all to be able to participate from home. Additionally the players received information about the pillars of a players development, with the physiological, psychological, social, and technical/tactical. There are many elements that go in to these interconnected structures, and some of the information can be found on our website –





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