Week 3 Review, Jean Cote Podcast Interview

Week 3 is the start of the in-season, with sessions ranging from skill-acquisition, to physiological small sided games, and specific physiological age appropriate activities..

Session structure will depend on the objective of the activity. For younger players who will be in the optimal range for improving agility, speed acceleration, and deceleration, the activities will be short on total length, and with 10-15 second intervals, or constraints to where the player performs short bursts of sprinting through different directions.

Players in the later ages will have longer activities, more continuous in design, and will see the player hit top speed more than short bursts of actions. This design will challenge the aerobic conditioning of the player, replicating more of a game based situation, and activities lasting 12 – 16 minutes.

In a continuation of last weeks review, and different to what was planned for this weeks review, the following link is to an incredibly insightful interview with Jean Cote. Jean Cote has done an incredible amount of research in the importance of play and elite performance. We strongly urge everyone to give this a listen – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/way-of-champions-podcast/id1223779199?i=1000532070062  

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