Week 4 Review, Coaching

This week is less of a specific review of the session content, as many teams used the club structure and environment to play in scrimmages as we get closer to the start of the season. These scrimmages were large sided games, replicating the game structure of their age group.

It’s important though that we frame these games appropriately. The scrimmages are not seen as tactical preparation for the season, or a warm up for the season, but an introduction to new players to the sport for greater understanding of the stoppages and restarts, and for those returning a refresher and game realism to what the Saturday environment demands. The games on a weekend should be viewed as an extension of the practice week, with framing of the objectives of a game around the individuals development, and not the strategy of tactics on how we are going to beat the opponents. These are two very different philosophies, one which is player-centric, focusing on the process of development and the individuals experiences; while the other is more coach centered, relying on an outcome of a game and with more concern for what the opponent will do, rather than being proactive about how we can support the individual players.


In addition to last weeks excellent podcast on Play, and the role of Deliberate Play, the following podcast casts light over coaching as a profession, and the standards we should be held accountable to. For me, one golden nugget of insight is how learning is about change, yet we are reluctant to change in our coaching philosophies and practices and to stay with what was traditionally done. We preach learning, but are we actively involved in learning as coaches. Enjoy this great listen – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/way-of-champions-podcast/id1223779199?i=1000532727851

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