Arunay Foundation Walkathon – 2008 Boys

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Arunay Foundation Walkathon, your support is greatly appreciated.

This as always was incredibly difficult for the 2008 Boys, the team Arunay was playing on. We can’t praise this group highly enough, they are of huge credit to their parents. It has been a very difficult time for the boys, and those throughout the club who knew Arunay. The demonstration of support and unity is very heart warming, and we are proud of the boys for attending, and to all those who also attended and took part in the walkathon.

The Arunay Foundation is doing great things for beach safety, with a dedication to improving safety at the beach through education and greater information available on conditions, and improving equipment than can be readily available to support a rescue. Please visit their website for insight into the projects being undertaken, to sign up as a volunteer, or to leave a donation –

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