Fremont YSC and TopTekkers

We are excited to announce the partnership between TopTekkers and Fremont YSC.

TopTekkers is the mobile app that supports individual practice at home. The app is available to all players in the 2014 to 2011 age group (Foundation Phase) at no extra charge, as part of your membership. The app supports the individual player elements in the foundation phase, and provides direction for individual training away from the field. All players will have different levels of ambition, and those wanting to progress and push their ceiling as high as it can go, need to train outside of structured practice.

We feel this is an important application, and extension to your membership in the foundation phase, a few reasons being:

  • Lack of play culture outside of organized sports. This will encourage young athletes to get outside and off the electronics.
  • Competition and challenge amongst teammates will support a healthy environment of competition.
  • Too much attention to tournaments and brackets, not enough on the individuals progress, this provides focus to what is important at the younger ages.
  • Practice videos, and session selection will achieve a greater number of touches on the ball.
  • Accountability for players, they now have the tools to do more if they have ambitions of further improving.

See what you can expect from the TopTekkers app:

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