Euro 2024 Starts Today

Today is the opening of Euro 2024, hosted by Germany.

The tournament kicks off with Germany vs Scotland, 12pm Pacific Time, the following information will help you navigate the tournament.

Where to watch – FOX, FuboTV, and TelevisaUnivision

Large international competition are a great opportunity for youth players to learn through watching. While nothing beats a live game, seeing the highest level of football on TV will also generate a love nd passion for the sport, and an opportunity to find a player that becomes the role model for many years.

Watch as a fan – enjoy the atmosphere, the drama, the entertainment of international football.

Watch to learn – what roles do players take on, how this differs by team. Are there clearly identifiable principles in how a team plays? Watch the individual player, how they scan the field for information before receiving the ball and continuing once the action on the ball is over. The technical actions in being comfortable on the ball and the variety of ways they strike the ball.

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