Club Captains, Number 9

January 2021 the club experienced a devastating loss, with the disappearance of Arunay Pruthi. The tragic event hit the club staff, his friends and teammates, and the club members really hard. In memory of Arunay, the Number 9 jersey has been retired, in honor of the person Arunay was.  Our club captains will be the only players to wear the Number 9, and only to be worn by those who demonstrate the behavior and values that Arunay lived by.

To be a Club Captain means that you demonstrate the values and behaviors that both Arunay and Fremont YSC share. The Number 9 jersey is incredibly heavy, and is an honor for those who wear the jersey, and stand out as an example of not only being dedicated to the soccer journey, but also the pursuit of developing into a good human being.

Arunay will forever be our Number 9.