Cyber Soccer Fall 2020

Cyber Soccer Camp

A professional staff coach will be live while participants follow instruction. All participant audio will automatically be on “Off”, while participants will have the option to turn their camera on or off for the session.

Benefits of Cyber Soccer Camp

  • Supports physical activity during shutdown.
  • Helps support parents while they work at home.
  • Interaction through technology while social distancing.
  • Introduction and optimization of the foundation skills of a Fremont YSC player.


Complete registration at the following link –


Thursdays, September 17th to Thursday, November 19th

Saturdays, September 19th to Saturday, November 21st


Thursdays – 4.30pm to 5.15pm

Saturdays – 9.30am to 10.45am


Before each session we will send out a session plan for everyone to follow during the webinar. The session plan will also let participants know exactly what they need in terms of equipment. The Cyber Soccer Camp is designed for players to participate and perform these sessions in small spaces and with limited equipment.

  • Fast Feet – Footwork with a ball at the feet, working on foundational touches.
  • Ball Manipulation – Progressing the foundational touches into ball manipulation movements.
  • Technical Mastery – Applying the foundational and manipulation movements in to technical skills to be utilized in game situations.

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