Individual Development

A proactive approach to development will focus on the individual and providing them with the tools they need to become the best player they can be. However, coaching can only do so much for a player, and the highest level players have the intrinsic motivation, and individual drive to do more outside of their practice. Street soccer, fun individual games, and free play outside of structured practices can bring out the best in players.

Arriving 10 to 15 minutes before the start of practice and working on your juggling, or rebounding a ball off a wall will do wonders for your first touch and distribution, and the cumulative time of quality practice with the ball will help with the player furthering their ball mastery.


Practice Away from the Field

For a player to reach the highest level it comes down to firstly enjoying what they are doing, the player must enjoy and embrace the process. This comes from being able to play in a stress free environment. Yes, there must be challenges and targets, but with correct feedback to encourage a player to continue. A player must also be disciplined enough to practice on their own away from the field, accruing hours of deliberate practice, and getting as many touches on the ball as possible.

The Conklin’s (02 Boys), can be found at fields around Fremont, staying after practice, and whether rain or poor air quality, will always find a way to practice.

Key practices you can do on your own by being creative with what you have available.

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