Parent Meeting 20/21 Season

Please see the following presentation for insight in to the operations of Fremont YSC, the philosophy and methodology of our long term development plan, and the affects of Covid-19 on the upcoming season, and how this will affect operations. Media links to supporting videos, presentations, website references, and curriculum can be found below the presentation.

Parent Introduction 2020.21 Season

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Questions Submitted During Presentation

  1. My son is a first time player at the club, Can you please provide me with an overview?
    1. The presentation above will provide insight an overview of the club operations.
  2. If a player is a returning competitive player from the spring season, do we still need to fill out the evaluation, registration and waiver forms?
    1. Yes, all concussion and the new Covid-19 waiver need to be downloaded, signed, and uploaded back to the registration platform.
  3. How are we going to organize the practice areas? Irvington Community Park had a lot of players on at the same time.
    1. Coaches will have training areas separate from each other. Group sizes will also be reduced while we still work through a return to play. There will also be a separate entrance and exit to all practice facilities. The content of practice sessions will also be adjusted to accommodate the restrictions in play.
  4. When can we expect to return to soccer practice?
    1. We are tentatively scheduled for July 27th. If we cannot return to the field at this time, we will start the program with Zoom sessions.
  5. How long does the season run for?
    1. We run a 44 week program, with a 3 week winter break, and a 5-6 week break during the summer between seasons.
  6. Is Fremont YSC affiliated with the City of Fremont?
    1. We are two separate entities, however we do enjoy a positive relationship with the City, and our return to play will be dependent on the restrictions in place by the City of Fremont.
  7. Where will the practices be held?
    1. Irvington Community Park and Central Park Soccer Complex.
  8. Are there going to be any changes to the uniforms from last season?
    1. No, we have a multi year agreement, and the next change is not until Summer 2021.
  9. There was an issue with other teams coming at 7pm on Tuesdays at ICP a couple of times last year. Will that be changed since practice is ending even later?
    1. Yes, we will be extending the permit for those sessions, this should not be an issue moving forward.
  10. I have registered for evaluations but not registered, when will I be billed?
    1. Fees are no withdrawn until the program registration is completed, this has been sent out and will continue to be sent out up until the start date of the program.
  11. Do the players need to wear masks during their off time?
    1. This will be up to the parents, We have received different recommendations for young people with wearing masks. All adults MUST wear a mask when not in their car and dropping off players to the entrance.
  12. If we want to return only when field practice returns, how do we communicate that to you?
    1. We will be keeping all players on a separate roster outside of TeamSnap. We will let everyone as we return through different stages, so parents will have the flexibility to return at a time when they feel safest.