The Sideline Project

The Sideline Project is a movement to improve youth sports sidelines and we are proud to partner with The Sideline Project to make youth sports better.

We want all our club parents, coaches, referees, administrators, and spectators to take The Sideline Project Course and add your name to the virtual pledge wall.  Information about your access to The Sideline Project Course will be emailed to parents.  In the meantime, Take the Sideline Pledge: watch the short video about sideline behavior, read the pledge, and add your name to the virtual pledge wall.

Youth sports belongs to the players.

I pledge to honor the youth sports experience of the players with supportive, not distracting, behavior.

I pledge to eliminate hostile behavior targeted towards players, coaches, parents, and most notably referees.

I pledge to honor players, to respect referees, and to Make Youth Sports Better.

The Sideline Project is in partnership with Soccer Parenting

Soccer Parenting

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