Talent ID and Selection Evaluations

Outside of the Evaluation Window, please submit your interest using the following linkCLICK HERE

Talent Identification and Team Selection Evaluation Event

Due to the COVID 19 Epidemic, the evaluation situation is very fluid. The dates and times are subject to change as we learn more about the continued opening and returning to in person programs. Restrictions could change at any given time, and therefore effect the ID and Selection process.

May 2021

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Boys and Girls, Born 2015 to 2003 (U7 to U19/Seniors)


Club soccer for players wanting to holistically develop. Age appropriate curriculum and methodology underpinned by learning theory in action. Process and performance driven, as opposed to short term outcome focus. Periodized long term development plan to optimize technical, tactical, physical, and psychosocial development.

Evaluation Dates and Times:

Register for Talent Identification and Team Selection Evaluations at the following link – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Evaluation Process

  1. Register and Attend the Evaluations, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  2. View the Results, (TBD depending on how COVID-19 affects timeline), www.fremontyouthsoccer.com
  3. Attend the Parent Meeting
    • Following the results of the evaluation, a parent must attend the introductory meeting the week following the evaluations. A link will be sent out to those players accepted in to the program.
    • Meetings will be held the following week of the results being posted, exact dates and times to be published at a later date.
  4. Confirm your spot with completing registration by June 30th
  5. Season starts, July 27th, see you at practice

Frequently Asked Questions and Information

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Year Round Talent Identification and Team Selection Evaluations

Players are welcome to be evaluated throughout the year to join the Competitive program. Attendance to a teams practice session is considered an evaluation, where the coach will determine the most appropriate program and team for your child to join


First contact the Director of Coaching of your child’s age group

U8 Training Pool & U9 to U12: Travis Cabral, tcabral@fremontyouthsoccer.com

U13 to U16: Gavin Carvalho, gcarvalho@fremontyouthsoccer.com

Seniors (U17+): Dai Redwood, dredwood@fremontyouthsoccer.com

You will be notified by email response of the schedule of the appropriate age group, with the coach inviting you to practice.

Following the practice session the coach will inform you of their decision by email, and an invite to the program and team will come from the DOC.


In line with Nor Cal procedures, if you are intending to join us from a competitive program you must inform us first so we can obtain written consent from the previous clubs DOC. There is a window for when players may move between clubs, and for clubs to hold official evaluations. At Fremont Youth Soccer Club we intend to work with full integrity and with all clubs to enable continuity for teams across all clubs.

Previously known as ‘Tryouts’, the Fremont YSC Evaluations aim to select all players* to play in the Competitive Program.

plural noun: tryouts
1. a test of the potential of someone or something, especially in the context of entertainment or sports

Fremont YSC Talent Identification and Team Selection will take away the pressure of testing, and will use a snapshot of the player’s current level of ability to place them in to pools/teams of similar ability, so the individuals within that group of players will have the best possible opportunity to grow. All players deserve the opportunity to practice, play, and progress, no matter what the current level of play may be.

In consideration of maturation rates, all younger players are selected and assigned to teams based on their birth month. Through identification of players throughout the season, any player we feel needs to be challenged, will be invited to practice with another group that would meet their needs while still playing for their initial team based on birth month and year.

Players of all levels of ability are welcome to Talent ID and Team Selection event.

The Competitive Program is for players who want to develop not only their technical soccer ability, but to grow and develop important individual characteristics, this includes social skills, and psychological and physiological development. Fremont YSC coaching staff specifically focus on the development of the individual and create an environment where plays can be creative, play without fear, and develop an open mindset to learning.

If you have any questions about the evaluations, please contact Dai Redwood, dredwood@fremontyouthsoccer.com