Playing Identity of Fremont YSC

A culture off the field is very important for a collective to work in the same direction, wanting to achieve the same results, and to constantly uphold the qualities and morals of an organization.

On the field there must also be a culture, where everyone’s expectations are understood, and a certain level is maintained. At a club level there is an understanding of the identity of the teams throughout the club, where all players are familiar with the style of play. At the youngest ages it is important that players continue to be coached with freedom to make their own decisions, to be problem solvers on the field, and so the players creativity can be nurtured. The framework gives direction to players as they age towards senior soccer.

The following is the Fremont Framework to how all teams approach their games.

The following clips will provide insight in to the playing style of Fremont YSC. Our commitment is to long term player development, and the understanding of an individuals growth through the stages of development. From U4 to U19, our curriculum, the periodization, and coaching methodologies, guide the player along their pathway with the style of play as a reference to the players development.

Younger Age Groups (Fundamentals, and Specific Training Stages)

The younger age groups cross between different training stages. From as young as U4 up to U12, players will be in the fundamental stage. This stage prioritizes ball mastery. This mastery ranges from the motor skill development of body movement through the importance of being at one with the ball, the ball is your friend. This co-ordination structure of the player adapts to the demands of the age of the player as ball mastery through the manipulation of ball movement is the focus up to U12. This creates the identity of a player who is comfortable to be in possession of the ball, is confident in the 1v1 encounter of a player is near spaces, and a willingness to perform skills in a game setting.

Older Age Groups (Specific, Specialization and Performance Stage)

The specific and specialization stage are where the player moves from an individual focus from the priority of co-ordination, and now towards more cognitive, socio-affective, and conditional structures. These are the middle ages between U11 to U16, where players are now working within the units of a playing system, and the relationships between these units.

At Senior level, the stage of development includes the optimization of the  emotional-volitional structure, and expressive-creative structures. This is the relationship and behaviors of players in their desire to perform and compete, along with the understanding between players through on field communication. These structures are aligned to the playing style as a reference on hoe to play.