Playing helps build a better brain

“The experience of play changes the connections of the neurons at the front end of your brain,” says Sergio Pellis, a researcher at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. “And without play experience, those neurons aren’t changed,” he says.


Many children in public school are getting less and less time outside, despite the documented benefits of free play.

It is those changes in the prefrontal cortex during childhood that help wire up the brain’s executive control center, which has a critical role in regulating emotions, making plans and solving problems, Pellis says. So play, he adds, is what prepares a young brain for life, love and even schoolwork.

But to produce this sort of brain development, children need to engage in plenty of so-called free play, Pellis says. No coaches, no umpires, no rule books.

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End of Season Review 16/17

We are now at the end of the Spring season, and bringing with it the end of the 2016/17 season year. Many changes have been made during this time, and Fremont is continuing to grow as a soccer city.

During the Spring we have seen Fremont players be selected fr Academy programs, iSoccerPath join us in educating players and parents on the pathway to College Soccer through your local club, and a huge push in our identity as being the leading soccer club in Fremont.

For further reading here is the link to the review press release –

Fremont Street Eats

Fremont YSC was in attendance at Fremont Street Eats this past Friday June 9th.

A great event for the family, with plenty of food and entertainment. We’ll be back in August and October to support the Fremont event.

iSoccerPath, a HUGE success

Thursday, June 1st, Brookvale Elementary.

What a great night for the Fremont YSC and iSoccerPath who hosted their first ever College Coaches Panel. Over 200 attended and heard presentations from iSoccerPath and Coach Robin Hart from Menlo College on how to get into college through soccer. The club did an amazing job hosting and turning out all their coaches.

Thank you to all the parents and players that attended last nights educational college panel, presented by iSoccerPath. A wonderfully successful night for players to learn more about the college pathway.

The first in what we hope to be many educational opportunities for the club.