No Practice, Halloween

We do not have any practice tonight.

With it being Halloween the club will be taking the night off so kids can go to their Halloween events and trick or treat.

Have an enjoyable evening.

Be a Cutting Edge Parent

We are a few months in to the season, and for many teams a few days away from a tournament weekend.

While it is a tournament, we are still focused on the development of the individual player, and do not allow the thought of a medal or trophy derail us from the individuals longer term player development.


Not a bad way to complete your hat trick!

All the way through a players development we are encouraging players to be creative, take risks, and try skills and tricks on the field. Through the earlier stages of development, players in the 02 age group were trying bicycle kicks, and still to this day at U17 are not afraid to try.

While this was performed in a recent tournament, our very first attempt at goal after promoting up to the Premier bracket, was a bicycle kick. Keep allowing the kids to be creative and take risks.