Learning is the key component to Fremont YSC, the learning of players, education of coaches, and the support for parents. All three components of the long term player development experience need to align and work together to support the process, a process which is long, non-linear, holistic, and incredibly rewarding throughout the journey with many highs and lows, but ultimately and end objective of providing the youth athlete with an environment for them to develop as both good humans and soccer players.

The following material is to help support parents through this journey, with so much ‘noise’ around youth sports from the ever increasing business culture, it is incredibly difficult for parents to navigate, and we are here to support every parent.

Coach and Parent Education – Methodology

Coach and Parent Education – Dortmund Response to Covid-19

Schalke 04 – A Club Visit

Volendam – A Club Visit

AZ Alkmaar – A Club Visit

Vitesse Arnhem – A Club Visit

Continued Education, with Raymond Verheijen

Euro Trip 2019 – Soccer Culture

Euro Trip 2019 – Winning vs Development

Long Term Development, It’s a Journey of Growth

Growth and Maturation