More Than Soccer

This weekend an incredible World Cup came to an end, a fantastic tournament of surprise results and shock performances.

During the tournament England’s Fabian Delph welcomed his child in to his life, and a moment of class from Gareth Southgate insisted that Delph return home during the tournament to be with his wife and new born child.

Southgate said: “The thought process is some things in life are more important than football”. His wife is due to go into labor. This is a big tournament, but family is more important. At times like this, players who are family orientated should be supported by us”.

At the biggest soccer tournament in the World, a key player was released for a family moment. This is something we are now seeing that is missing in youth soccer. Tournaments and travel games being more important than moments in a child’s life, missing family events and childhood experiences.

We are all passionate about soccer, and as a club we will do everything we can to support the soccer development of Fremont players, but there must be balance and an environment for kids to develop as human beings.

Kids First, Avoid FOMO

Every year we pull parents in to the office and explain our philosophy, and how we are different by not getting swept up in the crazyness that has become youth sports.

Christian Pulisic is arguably the first US international superstar player, and it’s an incredibly difficult road to get there. But the following segment from 60 Minutes is refreshingly enlightening to know not to get swept up by the travel and the additional individual specialized coaching. Let the kids play, stop jumping from club to club, and them emphasis is on the individual to want to push to be at the highest level. Talent Identification is not identifying teams and championships, it’s about the individual.

Skip ahead to the final part of the program –

Being in a free to play creative environment brings out the best in a player. It’s then the players desire and hardwork away from practice that can put them on to a pathway of playing at a high level.

NB: FIFA rules do not allow players under the age of 18 to move countries to play soccer, unless you have dual citizenship or a parent moves for a non-soccer reason.

WC 2018 Finals – Business End

We are now at the crucial stage of the World Cup, the Finals. Wales have politely obliged to let the other countries around the world have a chance of winning and chose not to qualify. So now to make our pick –


We love their development program for their players all the way from grassroots to senior…

“It was a massive shift but we believed that 4-3-3, at that moment, was the strongest learning environment for our players,” Browaeys says. “We felt that we had to develop dribbling skills, we said at the heart of our vision was 1v1, the duel. We said when a boy or girl wants to start playing football, you must offer first the dribble, let them play freely.” Belgium Blueprint

… and Lukaku is representing Man Utd with some fantastic performances.

Also a shout out for Sweden! and then Croatia!… whoever England play.

Enjoy the remaining few rounds of the Competition, enjoy it as a fan, embrace the skill on display, and become the creative little players of your idols on display.