U9 to U19 Competitive Program

Fremont YSC Competitive Program (U9 to U19)

• Professionally coached
• Environment balances coached technical sessions, dribbling, passing, and shooting, with free play in small sided games
• Develop social skills, technical skills, tactics in older age groups, and physical well being
• Emphasis on fun, love of the game, mass participation, creative thinking, problem solving, technical development
• Freedom to express themselves in practice in a controlled environment with a qualified professional coach
• Age appropriate curriculum using the coaching methodology of progressive skill sessions, small sided games, coaching in the game, phase play, and functional play
• Open mindset development, appreciating mistakes will happen and using this as an opportunity to learn. The psychological aspect to coaching has a positive effect on the individual in all aspects of their life, by creating an intrinsic motivation to self-improvement

Why play in the Fremont Competitive Program?

Phases of Development

Every curriculum through the phases of development is based on the needs of the player, and the most effective way to effect the development of the individual player. On a micro scale every session plan takes in to consideration the technical needs of the player, the physical demands of the individual player within their specific role, the psychological consideration for the demands of the session on the player and the ability to challenge and bring out the best in an individual. Tied to all this is the coaches understanding of growth and maturity, and how a chronological grouping of players means the coach must be aware of the biological age, sports age, and the current rate of growth of an individual within the team.

Growth and Maturation


The four pillars are not mutually exclusive of each other, and can have an effect on each other during different periods. Therefore making a true player-centric program important for a players development. Youths develop at different ages, this has a big impact on their physical attributes, and can be misleading in a players actual development. During a growth spurt, there can be a negative effect on a players performance. This change in physical development, has a negative effect on the technical performance, so considerations need to be made for a players psychological state to keep confidence and  motivation high.

No one can predict a child’s development due to the unknown developments of the players four pillars. Age is a huge factor in the pathway, and is unique to each individual. A factor to why winning is not a true reflection of an individuals playing ability.

Session Days – Mondays through Thursdays

Session Times – From 4.30pm to 9pm

Session Location – Irvington Community Park, and Central Park Soccer Complex

For further information and to schedule your evaluation to register, please contact, Dai Redwood, dredwood@fremontyouthsoccer.com