Updated Information, August 2021

Covid-19 Incidence

The following information will help provide clarity on the actions to take if you either come into contact with a positive case of Covid-19, or you are tested and found to have a positive Covid-19 result.

See the following information for the most up to date guidelines from CDPH

If your player is designated a close contact, and is:

Fully Vaccinated (at least two weeks post last dose of vaccine)

  • no quarantine is required, so activities may continue without interruption
  • closely monitor for symptoms for 14 days
  • CDC now recommends getting tested 3-5 days after exposure

NOT Fully Vaccinated:

  • the order requires 10 full days of quarantine, starting with the day after the last point of contact
  • no in-person activities are permitted during the quarantine
  • he quarantine cannot be shortened by a negative test

Close Contact def. Close contacts are people who were either (a) living within the same household, or (b) within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes total, with a person who is positive for COVID-19.

The time window for determination of contact begins 48 hours prior to first symptoms or positive test, whichever comes earlier. ‘Contacts’ of contacts do not have to quarantine (e.g., brother of a child who was designated a close contact by their school).

Through participation in games and practices, all players involved in the event will be considered as having been in close contact.

Positive for Covid-19

If your player is diagnosed or determined likely to have COVID-19, he must immediately isolate for at least 10 days since initial symptoms or positive test, whichever is earlier, and fever must be gone for at least 24 hours without medications before exiting isolation.

Returned and Active in Play, September 2020

Fremont YSC is back on the fields! We have thoroughly thought out and have planned for a safe and controlled environment. We are now on Week 10 of our 44 Weeks of play. It marks 10 successful weeks of following protocols and guidelines to assure player safety while out on the field. Having players involved in “on field” training sessions, benefits the player’s physical and mental health, as players need an outlet and form of release during the week. Many players are behind a computer screen for hours each day and have zero physical activity during this time.

Protocols we are following each day at training

  • Health Check: Before each session, all players must complete a Health Check questionnaire on the Team Snap App.
  • Reduced Numbers: No more than 10 players are allowed on the field for their team. teams that have more than 10 players registered for on field training, are split into two groups of 10 players and have different start/end times.
  • Social Distancing: Upon arrival to the fields, players are spaced out 6 ft apart from each other, as they wait for their session to start.
  • Temperature Checks and Sanitized Equipment: Once their session starts, players are socially distanced with their coach. The coach then goes by each player to check their temperature, spray down their soccer ball with sanitizing spray and gives a squirt of hand sanitizer if they do not have any of their own.
  • Masks: All players must wear a mask upon entering and exiting the field. Players have the choice to wear their mask during the session, it s not required during, as some players have a harder time breathing with it on while doing physical activity. All coaches must wear their mask for the entire training session.

Returning following illness of contact


  • Reduced length of Training Sessions: Each training session right now is 40 minutes long. That is plenty of time for a training session as we have eliminated the small sided games (4v4-7v7) portion that usually takes up 30-40 minutes towards the end of training.
  • Socially Distanced Training Sessions: During the session, players are socially distanced and cannot “defend” each other in a close proximity. If we are doing a session with defenders, the defenders must cut off the passing lane in order to steal the ball. Players must maintain social distancing at all times while in their activity.

Return to Play, May 2020

As we come to the end of the current season, we now look ahead to the 20/21 season. In efforts to prepare and plan for the upcoming season, we have put together a phase of return to play in reference to the State and County opening stages. This presentation will provide information on how we will return to practice, and what will be put in place in the event of a return in the future to shelter in place.

Presentation: Covid-19 Return to Play

Questions Submitted During Presentation

  1. How do evaluations work?
    1. Returning players will be placed back on to the same roster. New players will be evaluated once we return to the fields, and will then be added to rosters. Players who would have been moving between teams from our experiences with the player will be contacted about the change.
  2. Do we know when we will be able to return to Phase 4?
    1. The situation is ever changing, and the county is currently going through stages of reopening. We cannot guarantee a date of return, but based on current information and rates of opening, we anticipate this would be from end of July to mid August.
  3. Are there plans to use thermal scanners?
    1. No, this was considered, but could have the negative affect of creating groups to gather and reverse our efforts for social distancing. We do ask parents to help and support us with player health, and a questionnaire will be provided to parents to monitor players on the day of practices.
  4. Is it one 30 minute session per week or multiple?
    1. 30 minute sessions will replace the regular sessions. Thursdays we will need to find an alternative to through the return phases as this is a large participation free play session.
  5. Are practice fields going to remain the same?
    1. Yes, we will still continue to use both Irvington Community Park, and Central Park.
  6. Why are we having a phased roll out, and not waiting until after phase 4 to be able to return?
    1. We are sensitive to the situation, both in health and financial concerns of families. We are following the guidance of CDC, County Health Department, and the City of Fremont, wile also taking recommendations from NorCal Premier and US Club Soccer. We will all have different levels of concern and that is understandable. Our phases will follow the guidelines, and there are benefits to returning to the field in support of the individual players psychological and social needs. We believe there must be balance, and therefore our phase 1 of returning to play will be waived in favor of continuing with a Zoom format.
  7. How will goalkeeping practice be implemented?
    1. Groups cannot mix until phase 4. Until we return to phase 4 there will be no goalkeeper practice as coaches can only stay with their teams during the earlier phases of return to play.
  8. Can we still come to practice early?
    1. While we strongly encourage players to arrive early and stay late to get extra practice, until we enter phase 4 players will only be able to attend for the times of their practice so we can ensure social distancing during our return.
  9. With the new orders, how will that affect the group sizes?
    1. We will be following whatever is mandated by the local health authorities, so we will be flexible in our phase of return to ensure we are within the guidance of health officials.
  10. If a player is not comfortable returning, will it impact the level at which they return next year?
    1. On a technical level, players can just get as effective individual practice through Zoom. The players ball manipulation and dribbling will not suffer through practicing at home. On a matter of the team they return to, all we ask is players register for the season and make their registration payment. A player will not need to make a payment if uncomfortable with returning to phase 2 of the return to play phases, and their spot will be kept for them until we return to team training in phase 3.

Return to Practice, August 2020

The City of Fremont are now opening up the facilities in rolled out phases and are providing permits with restrictions. The following email and accompanying presentation, will provide you with information on the policies and procedures to return. All players will need an active membership for the 20/21 season to be able to participate in practice sessions.

Presentation: Covid-19 Return to Practice

Questions Submitted During Presentation

  1. If we have a younger sibling, should that sibling wear face mask during pick-up?
    1. As per the guidelines, anyone that is 13 and over needs to be wearing a mask. We are asking that all players coming on to the field wear a mask. Any player under the age of 12 will not be required to wear a mask.
  2. Will the team group size be reduced ? Or all members of the team will have practice on the same day / time?
    1. Group sizes are now reduced to 10. Training duration is reduced to 40 minutes, 2 sessions. There will be a 5 minute gap between the departure and arrival times of groups.
  3. I still see zoom meetings in the schedule. Are we going to have the same schedule for the practice?
    1. Coaches will be updating their TeamSnap accounts to show the updated practice schedule. The practice schedule will be released shortly. All teams will have 2 practices on field and 1 online session on zoom on Saturday.
  4. What if not comfortable sending kid to on field practice, are there any other alternatives other than opting out?
    1. Yes, We will have an alternate option for those players that are not comfortable returning to on field practices yet. We will have two online sessions, the first on Thursday and the second on Saturday.
  5. When will the schedule be released? What is the timeline for requesting changes as of group A and B?
    1. The schedule will be released shortly after the meeting and will be posted to the website.
  6. Is it going to be one group per assigned team, or will kids from different teams will be merged into one group
    1. Teams will be separated. Each player will practice with their assigned team and there will no open training policy.
  7. How do we check if the registration was completed successfully?
    1. When you complete your registration, we receive a notification. Your information is then added to the TeamSnap application and your player is then assigned to a team. You should see this change reflected when you open your TeamSnap application.
  8. Will parents be notified in case of incident?
    1. Yes, All parents will be notified of any Covid cases. We will also notify the city and work in accordance with their guidelines to determine if it will only be that pod/group that takes a 2 week quarantine or the club.
  9. I don’t see Health check menu option in the Team snap app. Where is it?
    1. This is available on the home page of your TeamSnap app. If you open the app on your phone, on your home page, scroll down to the bottom of the screen to complete the health check before attending your practice session.
  10. If  senior players drive themselves to practice, should they park by the entrance or by the exit?
    1. You are welcome to park at the entrance or the exit parking lots but all players must be follow the entry and exit procedures. This means that if a player parks in the entrance lot, they will have to exit as per the designated exit and walk around the field to their car in the entrance lot.
  11. What do the numbers in the blue squares mean for the Player Check in with Coach?
    1. These are the areas that your assigned coaches will be performing the safety check on the players prior to the session. Each coach has been assigned a number that identifies their playing field, when players arrive for their practice session, they will go straight to their assigned area to perform their check and start their practice. Practices will be start and end promptly.
  12. If the air quality is over 100 due to smoke, will it be the online practices on Monday?
    1. Yes, That is correct.
  13. If someone is found positive for Covid, is anyone else required to self quarantine?
    1. If there is a Covid case, everyone that is in contact with that group including the coach and all associated teams will be required to quarantine for two weeks. We will also communicate the case to the city of Fremont and work with their procedures and guidelines at the time.
  14. When does games start? Are we having any games this season?
    1. At the moment, California has closed down all competitions outside of professional sports. We are working as per the city and county guidelines to see when we can open up play to have scrimmages within the club when it is safe to do so.
  15. Will the notification process of the quarantine be to only the pod impacted or to all parents and player
    1. All parents and players within the club membership will be notified of any Covid cases but the identity of the individual will be kept private.

Symptoms of Coronavirus, Home Screening

What You Need to Know –

  • Anyone can have mild to severe symptoms.
  • Older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness.

People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. People with these symptoms may have COVID-19:

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Practice Day Process

Before attending a practice, all staff coaches and players must complete the following symptom checker, and take a screen shot of their confirmation. Please follow the steps below in order.

  1. Players must complete the health check screen on the TeamSnap event page.
  2. Players will have their temperature checked by the coach before the start of the session.
  3. Coaches will provide hand sanitizer to all players.
  4. Coaches will disinfect all coaching equipment, and check in stations.


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