Hydration is important no matter what time of the year, and no matter the weather conditions. However, with the temperature starting to rise it is important to be aware of the increased amount of water lost not just during games/practices, but also throughout the day through sweat.

One of the ways parents can best support the player is not by shouting at them from the sidelines, but making sure players have the items they need, and making sure the player have their water is very important and also important for their health.

Please make sure you are providing water for players when leaving for practice, but they must be accountable for taking responsibility in taking their water with them and throwing away (recycling) their used bottles.

Here is some information about the importance of hydration – https://www.soccertoday.com/hydration-for-soccer-players-what-to-drink-when/?fbclid=IwAR0G1q3-WZrjTy1K-9Dpubb0mZbYFzWoT1Bn7-RrYq8Hxf_8MpHMgrN5-3M

Over $53,000 awarded in Financial Aid

For the 2018/19 season, Fremont YSC awarded over $53,000 in Financial Aid to it’s players, this doesn’t even include the available financial aid for Recreation, Camps, and Afterschool’s programs.

No player should miss out on playing due to financial reasons, youth sports should be accessible to all.

With a centralized club structure, all financial aid applications are confidential, without any player or coach knowledge of those receiving financial aid. At the same time Fremont YSC provides qualified coaches for all of its Competitive teams, and provides continued education for all of it’s coaches.