Timely Report on Adults in Youth Sports

On the day of our final parent meetings, a timely report on the issues of adults involved in youth sports. We agree with everything they say regarding the influence of money and parents pushing too hard to make youth sports become work and not play, but they forgot to add ‘coaches’. Coaches should be educating and working to bring the game back to the kids, not heightening the ‘fear of missing out’.

2019/20 Season Evaluation Results

We do not believe any child should not be able to participate in a sports program they have the desire to play in. Our only restriction is due to the number of players allowed within rostering, but we make sure to provide a program for everyone where players of similar ability can participate.

An evaluation is a snapshot of a players current playing level along their development pathway. When deciding upon playing groups the following are accounted for –

  • Evaluation performance (technical ability, social interaction, psychological development, physical preparedness)
  • History of the player (past experiences in programs, commitment, practice with purpose)
  • Most appropriate grouping to develop the four pillars of soccer development, and to attend to the needs of the player (more competitive environment, participation due to fun social past time, or a combination)


2012_2013 Girls Evaluation Results

2012_2013 Boys Evaluation Results

2011 Girls Evaluation Results

2011 Boys Evaluation Results

2010 Boys Evaluation Results

2009 Girls Evaluation Results

2009 Boys Evaluation Results

2008 Boys Evaluation Results

2007 Girls Evaluation Results

2007 Boys Evaluation Results

2006 Boys Evaluation Results

2005 Girls Evaluation Results

2005 Boys Evaluation Results

2004 Boys Evaluation Results

2002 Girls Evaluation Results

2002 Boys Evaluation Results

You will now receive an email inviting you to attend the parent meeting for the 2019/20 season, and registration links will follow the meeting.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@fremontyouthsoccer.com

EPL Fantasy Soccer Winner – Season 2018/19

This past weekend saw the huge climax to the 2018/19 Fantasy Soccer Season, with the final round of EPL games being played.

So many shocks throughout the season, no one thought Utd would be so bad, Cardiff would get any points, and once again Pep rotated at the worst times.

For the majority of the season, Michael Harrison was leading but couldn’t handle the pressure in the business end of the season  and dropped like a stone relying on Brighton players for points. A shout out to Josh Conklin for finishing as the highest Fremont YSC player even though he forgot he was playing, and once again Dai finished as the highest staff member in what was a poor display from the coaches.

Our Winner – Graham McMonagle

A newbie to soccer, Graham started out late as a soccer enthusiast missing out on a youth playing career to concentrate on golf. Originally a Man Utd fan back in the glory days, Graham turned his support towards Cardiff City, but once they were relegated the first time he then settled for Spurs. For now Graham is a huge Spurs fan.

It has been a long season, and even more difficult than normal with so many Liverpool players doing so well, but I cannot wait for next season to get started.

Thank you to everyone who took part, and the next season cannot come soon enough. See you next season where we hope to see many new participants.

Fremont YSC at the Quakes

A great night had by everyone, and another Earthquakes win for the season.

Fremont YSC players took part in walking on the teams, and for 11 lucky players they got to walk out with FC Cincinnati for the pregame lineups and anthem.

Another group of players also got to line up to high five the Earthquakes players as they participated in their warm.

We look forward to our next game experience.