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We would always recommend picking your college based on the location and academics provided, but we also understand the desire of individuals to be recruited for a college.

To gain this exposure the most efficient way to be spotted is by attending a College ID Camp. 80% of college coaches expressed the College ID Camp as the most efficient way of being scouted.

As explained by iSoccerPath:

The answer simply is that due to the enormous amount of soccer players who all have talent and good grades, it is impossible to get a good evaluation in just one game or in 15 to 20 minutes at a showcase.  Coaches on average see 30-40 games over 2 to 3 days at a showcase and having only 10-15 minutes at each game it has become too hard, as they get 100-200 email requests a day leading up to a showcase to visit players’ games.  High School games are mostly thought of as very low value due to level of talent on field. Not every player can or does the ODP/TC route and club games are still viable but only for coaches in a 30-60 mile radius on a weekend for the most part.

The reasons that coaches now encourage 1 day College ID Camps and small multi coach camps are listed below:

  • Have on average 5 to 6 hours to be evaluated in a small setting
  • Players are grouped within their grad year to play amongst peers
  • NCAA allows one on one communication at camp to learn character (Division 1 excluded)
  • Current college team players run drills and can get to know recruits during the day
  • Players can get a feel of the campus, staff, food, and dorms to see if a possible fit (Division 1 excluded)
  • Costs are usually less than $150 and many camps have multiple D1, D2, D3, NAIA and JC coaches
  • Can use camp to set up unofficial visit after September 1stof your junior year in high school
  • Can receive an eval from college coach staff afterwards to know immediately if you should continue to pursue that program or not
  • Opportunity to work on branding and marketing yourself before and after camp through email and phone communications with coaching staff

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