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Helpful Tips

  • Pick your college based on education, location, and cost.
    • The program is also an important factor, does the team/coach fit your needs as a player, but be mindful it can change at any time based on coach employment.
  • Research the school, and attend their player ID camps, or a camp that will host multiple coaches.
  • You can reach out to coaches from as early as your freshman year, but coaches cannot communicate with you until the older ages. Use this time to introduce yourself, provide a resume, and show an interest in the program.
    • Avoid generic or bcc emails, show the coaches your maturity and independence in your communication.
  • Start to create video clips from games, and even show your dedication through the individual practice you put yourself through away from sessions.
    • Look to highlight your use of space and time, and moments of decision making which anticipated an action on the field. Your coach will be happy to help you with areas to identify within a video.

While playing sports is a big factor in the college process we can’t stress enough for individuals to consider the following when picking their college.

  1. Location – you will be there for 4 years if not more. That’s a long time if it’s not the environment you thrive in. If your an ocean lover then a landlocked city may not be the best place for you.
  2. Cost – consider the financial commitment you are making, don’t rely on scholarships, make sure it is something you can commit to and complete.
  3. Education – Ultimately college is where you focus on your chosen profession and start to gain needed knowledge and education to be successful in the work place. Does the college match your academic ambitions.

To support your search for a college, and to get assistance with the process and regulations of recruitment, there is an excellent resource through NCSA, which provides support for the athlete –