Week 1 Review, and Framing the Season

This week we returned for the 21/22 season.

The email will outline the sessions that have been completed and what the players worked on. We have a player centric, proactive curriculum which ensures the players will cover all the necessary mechanics, skill work, and give players a chance to be decision makers and creative players. Through the long-term development from U8 to U19, the players will pass through different stages and priorities as outlined in the program welcome meeting.

Week 1 is a fun week, it’s all about deliberate play – free play. Its the first time that some players will be meeting each other, the first time for some players in the program, and for some the first time kicking the ball for a couple of weeks. Al in all, a players favorite week!

As part of our Parent Engagement, we are sharing with everyone a portfolio of ten sessions from throughout the program. This portfolio will provide a deep level of insight into the ‘Why’, and with the ten session plans demonstrating the ‘How’.

Session Portfolio – The Why

In Memory of Victor Campos

It is with great sadness, that we learned of the passing of Victor Campos, following a cycling accident on the evening of July 4th.

Victor was an incredible kid, with a huge personality, and never short on moments to make you smile. Victor had been with Fremont YSC from the age of 7, being in our very first training pool, and along with his brother Michael, played with the 06 Boys up until the end of the 2020 season, when we had transitioned to online learning.

Victor was Barcelona, and Michael, Real Madrid, and for two brothers, twins, to be so close, it was always enjoyable to see that friendly rivalry between their preferred Spanish giants.

While Victor was an exceptional player, he was a brilliant human being.

It’s difficult to find words, it’s devastating, but our thoughts are with his parents and Michael. Please give the family time, space, and respect through this incredibly difficult time, but do not let them leave your thoughts.

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July to you all. Have a fantastic day with your family and friends, and travel safely.

Please maintain your social distancing, and wear your mask when out.