Grassroots, Cyber Soccer Winter 2021

Cyber Soccer Grassroots Program


A professional staff coach will be live while participants follow instruction. All participant audio will automatically be on “Off”, while participants will have the option to turn their camera on or off for the session.

Benefits of Cyber Soccer Grassroots Program:

  • Supports physical activity during shutdown.
  • Helps support parents while they work at home.
  • Interaction through technology while social distancing.
  • Introduction and optimization of the foundation skills of a Fremont YSC player.

Sessions Canceled – 1/27/2021

Taking in to consideration the current weather and forecast for continued rain and high wind.

The weather conditions for a regular practice session would be fine to practice in, players are fine to practice in inclement weather. However, as a coach we consider the playing enviornment, and while the session would be adjusted so players are less static than a coached session, the low numbers would slow down a practice session and therefore players would lose engagement and be more static.

Preparing for the Winter Sessions

Players need to dress appropriately for the conditions, and in the rain a rain jacket is recommended, and at least a warm up top should be worn. In the car following the practice a change of top should be ready. Players will not get sick from being in the rain, but will if not prepared for post exercise.

As a reminder, all players also need to be in Fremont YSC attire for all practices.

Your Help and Support is Needed, Arunay

We continue with the search to find Arunay, and any help or support is greatly appreciated.

If you are able to help please see the following links –

More than ever, Arunay, and his family need our help.

A New Year, and a Continued Commitment to Learning

Today is the start of the New Year, and for what we hope will be a huge improvement on 2020.

There are going to be good intentions of new years resolutions, but the best way to achieve those improvements we are dedicated to making, is by being part of the process, taking accountability for actions, and being an active participant in the process of planning, action, and reflection.

Complete your Player Development Profile for the next quarter, and see how much you can improve by being the leader of your individual pathway.