Happy Holidays, A Year in Review

2020 has been a crazy year, and ironically it could be viewed as the year of hindsight and reflection. As we come to the end and look back on this years challenges, so much good has also come from this. We’ve learned to adapt and create in ways we didn’t think were possible, we’ve looked out for each other more than before, and we’ve built stronger relationships with friends and family while we support others to get through challenging times.

It’ also important that at this time we think of those who have been affected by Covid, those who have lost loved ones, are struggling with their own health, and the financial struggles they find themselves in, and our wishes are with them to recover and get through this.

While we have had our own challenges to face, it has been incredibly humbling to be part of a group, a membership, a family of people, who have pulled together and supported each other throughout, and here are just a few highlights from 2020.

Without players, parents, and the coaches, this would not be possible, we thank you so much for all you give to youth soccer.

Have a Wonderful Holidays, and a Very Happy New Year.