Fremont YSC Concussion Program

Concussion in sports has become highlighted significantly over recent years, with many ex professionals of multiple sports suffering from brain injuries sustained from participation in sports.

This is a serious issue, and an issue addressed at the youth level to ensure longevity of health for all players.

Concussion Protocol 

HeadsUp Concussion Protocol

  • Coaches will notify the parent of any player which was removed from practice due to a head injury and suspected concussion. The club will provide a Concussion Report for the parent to sign. The Club will keep on record all incidences reported.
  • Any player suspected of sustaining a concussion, or head injury is to be immediately removed from the athletic activity. In order to return to practice or be available for a game the player must gain written clearance from a licensed health care professional that they are fit to play.
  • If a concussion has been sustained the player must not return to practice until a minimum of 7 days, and with further guidance and clearance from the health care professional.

Fremont YSC Injury Report

Complete concussion protocol at the following link –

Concussion Report Form

Coaches, Players, and Parents

All parties will be required to have on file a signed Concussion Fact Sheet.

USSF CDC A Fact Sheet For Coaches

USSF CDC A Fact Sheet For Athletes

USSF CDC A Fact Sheet For Parents

For further concussion information and education on head injuries –

Additionally all coaches will be required to undertake Concussion Education Training annually, through the Heads Up online training

Learn more about concussion at the following link to the CDC –