Kick or Treat is Coming …

Days away from Kick or Treat 2017. Fields are being prepared, coaches tournament bags put together, and most importantly… costumes are being made. Join us at Central Park, and Hopkins Junior High on 10/28 & 10/29

AfterSchool Soccer, Session 2 Starts 10/30

The hugely successful and popular AfterSchools program begins Session 2 this coming Monday, October 30th.

The program is at a select number of schools, but anyone can register if able to arrive at the start time from a nearby school or if home-schooled within the area. Please click on the following links for registration, school list and session times.

Program Info

Registration –

Education – Nutrition

A big part of sports performance comes from the food intake of the individual. A simple analogy is how you wouldn’t fill a performance race car with gas from Arco down the road. Not only is the diet and nutrition important for sports performance, but also for the wellbeing of an individual to make it through each day and for longevity and standard of life.

Diet is not what people think, it’s not cutting out all your food and eating nothing. Diet is a structured nutrition plan towards achieving your lifestyle goal. The same being for the importance of nutrients, macro and micro. It’s the source of the nutrient that is important, there is a huge difference with sugar, and orange is great while being sugar, but a slurpee is terrible due to the manufactured sugars and colorings.

Children are at an important stage where they need calories and nutrients for their natural growth in to adulthood, and to support the demands being placed on them for sporting performance.

It’s incredibly difficult at this time to eat healthy. A huge amount of money and the lobbyists will make you believe what benefits their cause above the needs of the consumer. The following notes are a good way to minimize money and the medias influence on your healthy eating –

  • Eat foods with the least amount of ingredients.
  • Don’t believe the box, marketing will make anything look healthy
    • Stick with food that’s least packaged and not in a box that needs freezing or last for months on a shelf.
  • If it once lived, grew, or flew, then it’s a better option.
  • Organic is your best option, but again check the ingredients list.
  • Enter the superstore with a list. Supermarkets are staged to get consumers to buy the junk.
  • Healthy food is cheaper.
  • Weigh your food with scales, don’t just read the serving size.

The attached presentation will aim to help with educating the importance and different types of nutrients and the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet.

Within this presentation you will find a link to a great app that will help with keeping track of your dietary goals.

Fremont YSC Nutrition