Thank You Team Managers

This past Friday, April 28th, the managers of the Fremont YSC Competitive Teams attended a workshop at the soccer office.

We are incredibly grateful for the willingness of the managers to volunteer their time and to be part of our soccer program. Our workshop covered important updates to the team folders which all mangers carry, along with updated information about the program, the direction the club is heading in, and the relationships we have built over the past few months.

The workshop was a great opportunity for all the managers to come together, socialize, and be familiar with all the faces of the club. We look forward to working with each and everyone of our managers, and look forward to adding many more managers over the coming seasons.

Managers Workshop

Team Snap

Fremont YSC has gone club wide with Team Snap in it’s Competitive Program, with all teams now using the communication platform. At the start of 2017 one of our goals was to improve the communication efforts between the club and its members. Team Snap is the first step in communication improvement, delivering instant notifications to all players with practice, game, and club event updates straight to their inbox’s, through text messaging service, and with push notifications on their smart phones.

The Magic Jersey

This weekend the vast majority of soccer clubs would have now had their first game of the season. This should be a great time for all players involved… however, it’s sadly not the case for many. We reflect the adult game on to kids, expecting to see what our professional idols do.

The jerseys the kids put on elevate them to adult status where mistakes are not OK, and you must win at all costs!

We can only control our own behavior and actions, and we at Fremont YSC will always put the kids at the forefront of youth soccer, behaving and acting in a away which benefits their all round individual development.

Give Youth Sport Back to the Kids

2017 Competitive Evaluations

Play soccer and proudly represent your City, at Fremont YSC, 

2017 Competitive Soccer Evaluations are OPEN

Evaluation Information

Born 2003 to 1999 – 2017 Competitive Evaluation 03 to 99

Click here to register –

Evaluations for the 2017 season are open, and further information can be found on our Evaluations page –

Evaluations are a snapshot of a players current level of play, to which the player will then be assigned to a team of players of similar playing ability. All players are selected for a program at the evaluations so no player is cut from being able to play in one of our programs.

Our program is developmental focused, putting the individual player in to an environment they can play in to reach a higher level of play. Psychological factors are of high importance, making Fremont YSC approach to youth soccer a hybrid environment to create the 360 player. Enabling players to play without pressure, experience failure as a learning opportunity, and play freely to be creative and express their soccer skills.

Spring Camp 2017

Spring Break Camp is Here

Camps Starting from as little as $59

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Come and join us for a fun, educational, and social week of soccer during your Spring Break. The perfect place to get the kids outside, in the fresh air, away from all their gadgets getting all the exercise they need and learning important life skills including social interaction, and problem solving through soccer practices.

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