Victor Campos Remembered

On July 6th, 2021, we learned of the devastating sad news, that Victor Campos had passed away. Incredibly shocking, our thoughts will forever be with Victors family.

Victor was a great personality to have at the club, and had recently turned his talents towards Jiu Jitsu. During Victors time at the club, he had progressed from the U8 Training Pool, the first group of players to emerge from the system, and was a member of the 2006 Boys Black Elite team. An incredibly tight knit group of players, who just loved to play. Victor played a huge part in the bond throughout the team, incredibly bubbly and energetic, and known throughout the club, popular with the older boys teams he could comfortably dribble around.

Victor, a Barcelona fan, his twin brother Michael a Real Madrid fan; were very competitive with each other, and while strong in their own playing styles, were very technically gifted. We were incredibly lucky to have had Victor and his family as members of the club for such a long time, Victor is missed by us all, but he has spoilt us with so many great memories.

Victor remains in our hearts and mind, and we will forever keep his family in our thoughts.