Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement

We aim to provide a positive and nurturing environment for soccer players of all levels to develop their soccer ability and human element, with all players having the opportunity to be a club member no matter the socioeconomic situation. 


Fremont YSC is committed to providing a long term development plan for players from 4 to 18 years old.

Through innovative pedagogical methods, players will be addressed as an individual element, made up of complex systems, to advance not only their soccer playing ability, but also their development as a human being.

Youth soccer is an individual journey within a team context, where the ball is always the focus and point of reference throughout the learning of soccer. Players will be encouraged and nurtured to be creative, and problem solvers, using the environment they are in to find solutions to the problems they face.

Fremont YSC is more than a collection of age group teams, but a club with members, where we are all together as one club, with it’s single identity for all players, parents, and coaches to be proud to be a member of.

Fremont YSC – Playing Identity

Fremont YSC – Development Pathway


An holistic approach to all round player development. A development program where players can learn in an environment free from pressure of outcome, but a focus on process and performance. The mindset developed in the player is open to making mistakes and learning from their experiences. Fremont YSC encourages players to be creative and to play without fear of mistakes.

Core Values

The holistic approach takes into consideration how the pillars of a players development are all connected and contribute to the whole person. It is also a connection between the individual, the club, and community we serve, and these shape the behaviors of all club members.

  • Empathy, Community, and Inclusivity
    • Fremont is a collection of 5 individual townships; Irvington, Niles, Centerville, Mission San Jose, and Warm Springs. Originally coming together through the Washington Township, Wally Pond in 1956 was the leader who brought the districts together to form the City of Fremont. Modern day Fremont is culturally diverse, and Fremont is the home to the largest concentration of Afghan Americans in the United States.
  • Creativity, Innovation,  and Empowerment
    • Fremont’s Niles district became the earliest home to California’s motion picture industry. Charlie Chaplin filmed several movies in the Fremont area, most notably The Tramp. In the late 1990’s, there was a boom in Fremont’s high-tech employment, especially in the Warm Springs District, linking Fremont to the famous Silicon Valley brand name. Apple’s first Mac computer manufacturing plant was located in Fremont. Approximately 750 high tech companies opened their offices, headquarters or production facilities in Fremont. Tesla Motors is the largest employer in Fremont, and an innovator in Green Technology, making Fremont home to the future of clean tech.
  • Fun, Commitment, and Excellence
    • 2018 – Fremont Named as America’s Least Stressed City in 2018
    • 2018 – Fremont Ranks No. 1 in the Nation for Happiest Cities
    • 2018 – Fremont Ranks No. 1 Most Inclusive City by the Urban Institute
    • 2017 – Fremont Named Best Place To Raise A Family In California (5th Nationally)

Our Core Values shape the behaviors, and identity of the Fremont Youth Soccer Club, a representation of the residents of Fremont, but also an important piece of scaffolding in the development and implementation of the Long Term Development Plan through reference to a Game Model.

Playing Identity of Fremont YSC


Like a Game Model which develops and progresses over time, with player elements and game concepts expected at different learning stages, for players our non-negotiable behaviors are no different. For Coaches, Parents, and other Club Representatives, these behaviors are expected at all times when representing Fremont YSC.

Fundamental Stage

  • Presentation
    • Of facilities – always leave your area how you would expect to find it, respecting the facilities and equipment you use.
    • Of self – present yourself at a higher level, do not let others lower your bar, in what you say and how you visually present yourself.
    • Of actions – be your best self, in actions towards others, and effort applied to practice.

Specific Stage

  • Compete
    • Set yourself the goal of being better every day. Small incremental progressions make a large difference over time.
    • Collective effort to success. To support your own individual development, be your best to challenge others to support their individual development, and ultimately a collective approach to optimizing performance.
    • Process driven – commitment to individual development plans to set own goals and targets.

Performance Stage

  • Giving self to others
    • Being a role model to the youth players who will one day want to fill your position in a first team setting.
    • Giving back to the club and community. Be an active participant in the continued growth of the club and community.

Defining Success

Success as a youth soccer organization is not the number of trophies, medals, and 1st place league finishes.

Youth development is a long term process towards optimal performance over outcome, and supporting the individuals confidence, creativity, and empowering the athlete. We define success by the positive effect we can have on the human development of a youth player, not molding them to our beliefs or expectations, but to be individuals with values that will support and enhance the community. Success will be having a Senior team of program graduates who have been on the long term development journey, who perform with expression, are empowered to make their own decisions, and are committed to a shared goal.