Coach Education with Frans Hoek, the Coaching Elite

This Tuesday 14th January, we had the incredible opportunity at Fremont YSC, to have the personal education experience of Frans Hoek.

Frans have been the senior staff coach at Europe’s biggest clubs, including Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United, while also coaching the Netherlands to 3rd at the 2014 World Cup. During this time Frans has coached the best in the world, including Pep Guardiola, Wayne Rooney, and Lionel Messi.

The directors had the opportunity to discuss and present the operations of the club, from its vision of developing every individual no matter their soccer history through modern methodology and a clear playing identity. The importance we place on the individual as a human and not just an athlete, and our philosophy of an holistic approach to the player development and growth.

Frans with all the knowledge and experience of the elite on soccer coaching gave us incredible insight and direction with areas in which we can continue to grow as an organization.

The staff coaches were also put through their paces and guided on a discovery of the mastery of soccer language, structure, and the reference in the analysis of performance. Reality based practice is the modern and very European approach to coaching, and the staff performed on field this discipline in coaching with the help of the Senior Boys team as the demonstrating players.

A great event, and opportunity for the club, and an experience I am sure the players will reflect on for many years, and an educational opportunity for the coaches to continue to grow from.

Long Term Development, It’s a Journey of Growth

Long term development is a journey where the individual will face many challenges, rewards, and set backs, but the development comes from the experiences along the way and how they use these experiences to evaluate, analyse, and adjust the challenge they face.

Development is not a perfect trajectory of constant improvements, it’s a continuous pathway of peaks and troughs with many obstacles and challenges to get you out of your comfort zone. It takes time, dedication, commitment, and a strong personality to face challenges and conquer them. Today we are too quick to move away from challenges, to find the easiest pathway, or just completely stop when it becomes difficult.

Long term player development isn’t just about an individual athlete becoming a good soccer player, it is about the life lessons learned along the way, and positive personal traits gained from the journey.

Happy Holidays

While 2020 is upon us, and 2019 is about to leave us, our continued philosophy of player development through fun and inclusive learning, not focusing on the match results and trophies, and the importance of players optimizing soccer techniques and knowledge will not be leaving us. We can however, become even better.

Without players, parents, and the coaches, this would not be possible, we thank you so much for all you give to youth soccer.

Now is a great time to relax, recharge, and we’ll see everyone back on the field in the New Year. You can still reach the staff, but we will be spending time with our families, so will get back to you when we get the chance. Safe travels if heading out of town, and have lots of fun.

Have a Wonderful Holidays, and a Very Happy New Year.

A Players Perspective

Sadly the recent November Nights Showcase for the Senior teams, was the last soccer event for Musashi Avalos. While his final event with Fremont YSC, he is still considered part of the family and welcome to play at any time or be part of any club events until he graduates college. While sad for us to see a player move on, it is great for Musashi as he focuses on his stellar track ability and works towards a commitment for college sport.

Musashi sent an incredible letter to the team, and something I hope you all take the time to read, it is an incredible insight to the thoughts and experiences of a youth player.

Dear soccer, I was never supposed to take you seriously, nor was it expected to become impactful in my life, you were supposed to be something my parents just put me in to kill time or to put something on my college application. Starting from the first time Coach Dai recruited me at summer camp, until my last minutes in San Diego, this journey has been filled with bittersweet memories, hard work and grit, and an irreplaceable bond with some of my closest friends I have met. I lost passion for soccer around 2 years ago, but what continued to motivate my passion for playing was my love for my teammates, the inherent procreation of an inseparable bond was in my possession. This was a family I wanted to grow, mature, and live with. From practice every night under the bright lights, from traveling hours just to go away games, from changing from MVU to FYSC has all been a wonderful journey. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and I have decided to forego my soccer career in order to fully commit to track. To expand on the magnitude of this decision, I have received offers from multiple D1 schools with high aspirations that I will attend one of those schools in 2 years. This has been one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I will ensure that I will not regret it and continue to work harder. 

As Coach Dai always states, it’s about the development. As of this moment I have a complete understanding of what he means. At the end of the day, it isn’t about how many goals you score or the team wins the state cup, it’s an accumulation of growth and maturity as a person. Dai, under your guidance I have grown to become a successful athlete, but more importantly, I have become a better person that exhibits hard work, commitment, sportsmanship, and generosity (sorta). To all the parents that came out every weekend, thank you for all your support and I hope you continue to support the whole team until it’s very last moments. In addition, if any parents read this, I want to emphasize that winning isn’t everything. I fully understand the concept of losing 6-0 every game, been there and done that. It is about development as a person, to explain concepts of commitment and dedication. Parents, you shape your children and will never understand how impactful you are to your children, they see and view how you act on a daily basis. Speaking from a teenager’s perspective, my parents are my role models, and looking at how supportive and committed they were, made me want to do the same. 

To the players. We have grown and lived with each other from when we were just kids kicking a ball, and to see some of you submitting college applications hurts. To every single one of you, I personally know that you guys all have the potential to do fantastic things in life. To my 2nd family, you guys have been one of my closest supporters and friends, and i hope it continues to be that way. Although I won’t be on field anymore, I will be supporting you guys to the best of my abilities and I wish the best for everyone. 

Lastly, to my parents. There has never been a moment where you have let me down, despite being tired, sick, busy, you always made sure that I attended every game and practice. I never realized the importance of having you guys beside my side watching my games, always supporting me no matter what the scoreline portrayed. I’m sorry that all your efforts towards my soccer career may seem for naught, but they are not, I am striving and working towards a bigger dream. Thank you. 

Dear Soccer, I’ve hated you for so long now, and I’ve pushed my body to the limit. I dreaded going to games and practices, and hated high school season. But now, I understand how much you mean to me, I’ve developed my character and my athleticism, and I’ve forged bonds and joined a family that I will never forget. Dear soccer, sorry for not appreciating you while it lasted, and thank you for everything. Thank you for giving me happiness. 

-Musashi Avalos

To put into perspective the context of the message. Musashi is an accomplished player, having won many league divisions, State Cup Winner, and recently an undefeated league season in the Premier playing bracket, and winning all 3 games at the November Nights College Showcase, and all of this as a team mostly playing up an age group. He does not mention any of this in his message, and neither does the club advertise these accomplishments, as the process, environment, and experience, is so much more important that trophies, medals, and playing brackets.

Road to San Diego

 ‘I wanna say something. I’m gonna put this out there: if you like it, you can take it. If you don’t, send it right back …’ the Fremont YSC Senior teams are on the road to San Diego, to participate in the LA Galaxy San Diego, November Nights Showcase. Having left Fremont at 4.30am, I can’t help but feel like I’m in a glass case of emotion!’ Surrounded by some great people, and players who we are proud to have representing Fremont YSC.

The first in what we aim to be an annual event for the Senior teams within Fremont YSC, this gives players wanting to pursue College Soccer, the opportunity to play in front of potential coaches, and to have a great social experience in what will be their final years with the club before graduation. ‘Don’t act like you’re not impressed.’

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone at Fremont YSC, and throughout the greater soccer community, a very Happy Thanksgiving.

We at Fremont YSC are thankful for having you as part of the club, and look forward to many more holidays with you.

Session Cancelled – 11/26/2019

Taking in to consideration the current weather and forecast for continued rain, and combined with the low projected numbers of attendance due to the holiday week, we will cancel practice.

The weather conditions for a regular practice session would be fine to practice in, players are fine to practice in inclement weather. However, as a coach we consider the playing enviornment, and while the session would be adjusted so players are less static than a coached session, the low numbers would slow down a practice session and therefore players would lose engagement and be more static.

Preparing for the Winter Sessions

Players need to dress appropriately for the conditions, and in the rain a rain jacket is recommended, and at least a warm up top should be worn. In the car following the practice a change of top should be ready. Players will not get sick from being in the rain, but will if not prepared for post exercise.

As a reminder, all players also need to be in Fremont YSC attire for all practices.

Veteran’s Day

During this period of division and hostility towards each others personal beliefs, it is important we take the time and remember the importance of Veterans Day, for those who lost their lives in war to allow us to live in peace, and to focus on working together to allow the peaceful time to continue in to the future.

Congratulations Paige Pineda

Congratulations to Paige Pineda from our 05GB team for being named to Cal North’s Olympic Development Program (ODP) Player Pool. Paige first started playing in our recreational program at the age of 6yrs old and has since followed our Long Term Development Pathway. Paige has been part of Fremont YSC’s 05GB team since the age of 8yrs old and has continued to work hard on and off the field.

Not only is Paige an excellent team participant, Paige is also a great club member, and volunteers her time with the newest Fremont YSC players in the U4 to U6 program, and during the summer with our summer camps.

Well done Paige!

Week 14 Review

The following contains information about the weeks practice. The email will outline the sessions that have been completed and what the players worked on. We have a player centric, proactive curriculum which ensures the players will cover all the necessary mechanics, skill work, and give players a chance to be decision makers and creative players. Through the long-term development from U8 to U19, the players will pass through different stages and priorities as outlined in the program welcome meeting.

While during practice the players will be given the tools they need, if an individual wants to push on with playing at a higher level and performing to the best of their ability, practicing at home will always give them that extra edge, and we can’t encourage enough for those with passion for the sports to practice in their own time. This also avoids unnecessary over-training of structured practices continuously throughout the week.

ADP Training Pool, U8 and Competitive Ages

  • Dribbling 1

Each player with a ball, maximizing the number of contacts made with the ball in challenges and competitions among the playing group. With different playing areas to encourage the player to move between dribbling and running with the ball, based on spacial awareness, players run around outside gates and back in to a smaller and more congested area, performing an individual skill. As players progress, the demands of the practice change as opposition is added to create a game like situation of being in the 1v1 situation. Within the scrimmaging to finish the practice, conditions are created to provide the target of dribbling through a gate to encourage the topic.

  • Small Sided Games, Free Play

Free play is vitally important, and more of this is needed in youth sports. This gives empowerment to the individual player to perform with creative actions and to use the game situation to problem solve, not relying on the instructions from external sources outside of the games context.

11’s to 08’s Competitive Teams

  • Running with the Ball

Players differentiate between the spaces available on the field, taking information from the game situation as to know when to dribble and when to run with the ball. Amount of playing space available affects the players decision, and changes the technique in possession when advancing in to open spaces. Number of opposition in advanced areas of the field adds an extra stimuli to the player to solve the problem of whether spaces are available, or the player is running in to a trap set by opposition organization.

  • SSG 1

A game with multiple scoring options. Small sided games allows for the player to be in a game situation, while experiencing different game scenarios through the constraints and conditions placed on the game. This optimizes the players cognitive and socio-affective structure.

  • Thursdays Free Play

Free play is vitally important, and more of this is needed in youth sports. This gives empowerment to the individual player to perform with creative actions and to use the game situation to problem solve, not relying on the instructions from external sources outside of the games context.

07’s to 05’s

  • Passing Between the Units

Players warm up using a rondo to optimize their concepts of using both feet, and early body movement and positioning. Penetration through passing, using the pass to communicate with players on the direction and speed of play.  Important role for the 2nd attacker with their movement and distance of support to get in to seams and position between the defensive units. All players constantly checking their shoulder to see where the next pass will be played before receiving the ball. Body movement and position to have hips open to the field.

  • Attacking with MF 3 and Spare Player

Continuation of the concepts optimized in the 1st session of the week, with a positional game 4v3 + 1, with the 1 central player moving to get in to passing channels in a confined space. Outside players moving to provide the passing channel out of the central position and to achieve triangulation with players in mutual spaces. In a function the CF becomes the spare player in an advanced position, while the CM’s aim to created spaces through passive movements and finding 2v1 situations. Player possessing the ball, looks early to recognize player movements, to pass the ball in to supporting players in spaces or in to players occupying an opponent to create the 2v1 situation.

  • Thursdays Free Play

Free play is vitally important, and more of this is needed in youth sports. This gives empowerment to the individual player to perform with creative actions and to use the game situation to problem solve, not relying on the instructions from external sources outside of the games context.

04’s and Older

  • Physiological Conditioning – Injury Prevention & Core Activation

A circuit of exercises to engage the core through hip hinge movements, and glute activation. A low intensity and low impact session for recovery purposes and re-entry in to the week of practice. A significant amount of time allotted to stretching, loosening up the posterior chain, and hip-flexor muscles.

04 and 02 age groups practice small sided rondos, in a low impact session for managing intensity following the weekend games.

  • Using Spare Player in a MF Diamond

A multi-directional game where the diamond is created in the 4-3-3 from the striker withdrawing in to the MF line, creating the diamond. Rondos and positional games to introduce the concepts of attacking with a MF 3 and withdrawn striker. MF players start by creating the spare player from movement off the ball, either passive movement in to open spaces, or moving in to a defender and using 1-2 quick passes with the possessor to create the 2v1 situation and spaces for the player in possession. The withdrawn striker creates the point of the MF 4 between the MF and DF lines of the opposition. The objective is to pull a CB out of position creating spaces in the central area of the field for 3rd man runners to gain forward momentum in to the open spaces created.

  • Attacking with 2 CM’s and a Withdrawn Striker (some teams participated in scrimmages or small sided games with the upcoming weekend break away from games).

Continuation of the concept of a withdrawn striker to provide number up situation in attacking areas, and specifically Zone C in to D. Movement from the 2 CM’ in support of the CF, where near CM supports behind the passing pathway to create triangulation with LF and CDM, while weak sided CM advances beyond the CF with passive movements in anticipation of the pass being played in behind the opponents defensive line.

Every session is structured to facilitate all four pillars of the players development, and to include challenges, targets, and competition to get players to push themselves further. We are a program that heavily focuses on the players individual development, and not to get caught up in the race for trophies and excessive travel to unnecessary tournaments. If you ever have any questions about the Fremont YSC philosophy, and the proactive curriculum, we are always available to answer.

Breakdown of mechanics in technique –