High School Season Begins

This week many Fremont YSC players will be starting their High School season.

We wish all the players involved the best of luck.

Our older age group teams play fast, skillful, and entertaining soccer, and we hope to see this continue with their schools, with the added ingredient of the players now playing against each other as they represent their high school.

Our message to the players is to make sure they keep their bodies healthy, focusing on stretching to help reduce incidence of injuries. Healthy diet to repair the body, plenty of sleep, and make sure your grades are being maintained.

Good luck to all the schools and coaches this Spring High School Season.

UK Trip 2021 – Information Event

We are hosting a trip meeting via zoom for all NEW players and families interested in joining the trip on:

THURSDAY APRIL 29th at 7.45PM.

Zoom meeting details to sign up for the meeting are below. Click on the link below to register for this meeting: once registered you will be sent meeting invite


This is to register for the upcoming trip in November 2021.

Supporting the Community

Youth sports organizations, and youth soccer clubs, should provide more than just a playing experience. The youth sporting experience can set up long lasting memories and provide key life skills to their members. Through these experiences we can help nurture the youth of today to be pillars of society for tomorrow.

We are currently taking suggestions from the membership on a charity to support throughout the next two seasons as part of our uniform cycle.

Yusuf Bandarkar of the 2006 Boys has submitted the Salam Food Pantry, a charity he has actively been volunteering for on a frequent basis, and a great cause to help provide food to those in need. A great example of how we can support others who may not have the same opportunities we may have. Excellent work Yusuf, and to all people supporting and volunteering in the local community.

Talent Identification and Team Selection Evaluation Event

Register for Evaluations at the following link – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


May 2021, schedule TBC


Boys and Girls, Born 2015 to 2013 (U7 to U19/Seniors)


Central Park Soccer Complex, Fremont


Club soccer for players wanting to holistically develop. Age appropriate curriculum and methodology underpinned by learning theory in action. Process and performance driven, as opposed to short term outcome focus. Periodized long term development plan to optimize technical, tactical, physical, and psychosocial development.

Returning to Play – Player Centered Youth Sports

We are all excited to be returning to play, safely and with precaution, but also so youth athletes can return to playing.

Here is a great resource to help youth players with returning to play – https://www.aspenprojectplay.org/dont-retire-kid

A great resource to supporting motivation, for players and parents – https://selfdeterminationtheory.org/

Somehow over time we have pushed youth players towards professionalism, in that we reflect the adult game on to the youth player. This has great implications to the learning of a player, and ultimately also participation.

Player development is a process, and this is important for a player’s motivation, confidence, and long term skill development. The long-term player development process is player-centered, where the athlete is on a pathway to accomplishing either a skill (a process goal), or individual improvement, i.e., bettering current level of play (performance goal). These goals greatly effect confidence and motivation in a player and supports the players decision making through empowerment of being in control of the process/performance goal.

We are too quick though to reflect the adult game on to the youth player, where we judge and evaluate a player on an outcome (winning a game). These outcome goals are short term and are not within the control of the individual. These goals create a heightened level of stress for the player, and ultimately anxiety and decreased confidence. We see a dropout rate in youth sports of 73% by age 14!

Support your child’s return to play and focus on the process and performance goals of the individual to support their long-term development, and psychosocial needs in growing confidence and independence through empowering the player.

Referee Course

Becoming a referee is a great way to give back to the sport, help support the youth game, and make some extra money over the weekend.

If you know anyone that wants to become a referee please send them this link to an online class.

You may send out the link that is associated with your course in this document.


The fee is $75 for referees and an additional $30 for a background check for adults.

The digital field session links are in the course details.

All assignments must be completed before attending the digital field session.

Laws of the Game

We are not quite there yet to return to competition, but we are not far away.

Each year IFAB release an update of laws of the game, and any new laws. Check out the following link to a presentation of the most recent changes to the laws.


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