We Are Back

It’s so good to be back.

This week was the first week of the 2017/18 season, and we have lots going on this season.


We got straight back in to the thick of it, with our soccer specific pre-season fitness.

All age groups follow a season plan  with periodization determining pre, during, and post season practice. Our


younger age groups participate in small sided games. The short breaks between soccer actions result in greater recovery time being developed, and the high repetition of action develops the quality of the action when under physical stress.

The same principle applies to the older age groups, but with specific ‘soccer with the ball’ sessions. The first session for all older groups playing 11v11 (U13 and up), was a juggling session with group challenges. A low impact, and moderate intensity session to get players slowly and safely back to game speed over a number of weeks.

Fremont YSC U15 to U19 Curriculum, Session List

New Director of Coaching, U7 to U12

During the summer Gavin Carvalho was promoted to the position of Director of Coaching for the younger age groups U7 to U12. Gavin has been with the Club for 6 years and has great experience with both boys and girls. Gavin has worked extensively with our 01 and 02 age groups, developing individual players through excellent technical coaching, and more recently taking on the 07 age group from their Training Pool graduation.

The move sees acting Executive Director, Dai Redwood, move from being the younger DOC in to the U13 and up DOC role.

Travis Cabral is now also the official DOC for the U4 to U6 Play Program.


This Fall sees the first in 2 new Annual events.

Our San Jose Earthquakes night is for the younger age groups to experience a live soccer match, while representing the club at the event, and creating a bond with other players throughout the program.

Fantasy Soccer is our all inclusive, soccer specific fundraiser, designed to include all players, parents, neighbors, and work colleagues. A fun event over 10 months, sure to get everyone involved in to the competitive mood and following the great game throughout the EPL season.

State Cup and Tournaments

U15 and above will be taking part in State Cup for the 2017/18 season. We are very committed to the well being of our players, and the format of State Cup in the older age groups allows for great rest periods between games, ensuring a reduction in the likeliness of overuse and fatigue injuries.

This concern is also with our participation in tournaments, but we also understand it is historical and cultural to participate in these events. We will be hosting 3 tournaments throughout the Fall for our Fremont teams to take part in, but will be very vigilant for any signs of player injury. Each tournament will cater towards different levels of play, from Gold to Rec level teams.


The 2017/18 season is gearing up to be a great year. What is always incredible is to see the smile as kids play the game, and try and perform new skills know their coaching will not judge them of berate them for mistakes, but encourage them to try again. Youth sports its where kids should feel free to play, express themselves, and develop important life skills while being creative problem solvers.

Let the kids play.


Fantasy Soccer

Join us for our annual Fantasy Soccer Fundraiser.

Unlike raffles and donations which last but a few minutes, this fundraiser is a season long event, great fun for the soccer fan, and a personal experience battling out your soccer team of stars against those from across the world.

The winner at the end of the season will win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate, and receive a Winners Medal for finishing 1st place. (Arsenal fans can receive a complimentary participation certificate upon request!)

Registration – Participation is only $10’s, and will last the entire season, that’s $1 a month to show up our Fremont coaches with your soccer knowledge.

Team Name
Player Name

How to Play
1. Pay using the above button, upon receiving your registration a personal code will be sent to enter the league.

2. Visit – https://fantasy.premierleague.com/

a) Set up account with Fantasy Premier League

b) Create your team

c) Join league by entering unique code sent to you from Fremont YSC

d) Have a great time


We are not an official affiliate of the EPL or Fantasy Football. This fundraiser is for Fremont Youth Soccer Club, a 501(c3) providing soccer to the local community for players of all financial situations and awarding financial aid to low income families (IRS).


For more information about Fremont Youth Soccer please visit our website, www.fremontyouthsoccer.com

Recreation Registration is Open



  • Recreation soccer is a great place to experience the sport in a low pressure environment at a location near to you.
  • Available for players 3 years old and up, born 2014 and older.
  • Club philosophy through all programs is to focus on the individual player.
American High School – Irvington High School – Hopkins Junior High.

For Competitive Soccer contact, info@fremontyouthsoccer.com