UK Tour 2022

Welcome to the 2022 UK Tour of London and Liverpool.

August 3rd to

We are excited to bring the Fremont YSC players this event, and any registered player born 2010 or before is welcome to register. This is a great cultural experience by not only being in a foreign country, but to also experience the passion and lifestyle of a soccer fan in the UK.  Additionally there is a Manchester Utd raffle fundraiser that can be found on the online registration portal along with how to sign up for the FREE academic credit through UC San Diego for all middle school and high school aged players.

Itinerary and Information2022 Itinerary and Information

Fremont YSC Fundraising and Expectations – UK Tour 2022

UK Tour 2019 Highlights

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: *vF2STNu

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How to Register

  1. Please go to Excel’s registration website (
  2. Enter your Trip ID Redwood-7441
  3. Complete the registration instructions on the online portal. You MUST register each person traveling separately
  4. Proceed to check out. Here you MUST accept the Terms and Conditions.

Registration Help Document – Fremont YSC UK trip – Registration Instructions

Payment Plans

We also have different payment plans to suit each budget with APP being an amazing option since we are still over 15 months out from the trip and allows to really break down payments into small amounts. This plan, called the Advantage Payment Plan (APP), allows families or participants to make monthly installment payments that includes four installment payments after the group has returned from the tour!

This plan will be available for any Fremont SC participant. Please simply follow the instructions below.  If you prefer, you are still more than welcome to choose our Standard Payment Plan or our EZPay plan when registering (info on portal when you register on all payment options).

Participants or families that have already registered for a trip can, also join the Advantage Payment Plan (APP) for the remainder of the payments for the trip.  Please follow the instructions below if you wish to be enrolled in our Advantage Payment Plan (APP):

  1. Please call our Customer Service team at 1-855-442-0695 to register.  You will speak with a Payment Specialist who will be familiar with your trip and will be pleased to answer questions and/or get you fully enrolled in APP. (To use APP, you must register by phone).  Our Payment Specialist team is available Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST.
  2. Please have the Trip ID Number (See above) available before you call and provide this number to your Payment Specialist.

Once you are enrolled in APP, you will follow a simple payment schedule, which is confirmed in writing to you in your Letter of Understanding (LOU).  You will receive your APP LOU via email from our payment specialist team after your successful enrollment – you must complete, sign, and return the LOU per the instructions provided.