Positive Coaching Alliance – FREE Online Athlete Workshop

During our time away from the field, Positive Coaching Alliance are providing a free online athlete workshop up until April 30th, the online course takes 60 minutes to complete. At this time the course is more appropriate for athletes aged 12 years and up.

Click on the following link to register:


Positive Coaching Alliance’s online Triple-Impact Competitor® course includes Doc Rivers, Julie Foudy, Shane Battier and other top coaches, athletes, and experts teaching student-athletes how to make positive contributions on three levels- Personal Mastery (Improving Oneself), Leadership (Improving Teammates), and Honoring the Game (Improving the Sport).

This highly interactive course provides specific tips and techniques for mastery and continuous improvement in any sport, seizing opportunities to encourage and support teammates, and competing fiercely to win, but only within an ethical context of Honoring the Game.

Fremont YSC, Player Profile: Attacking Midfielder

We Have The Ball:

  • Mobile.


  1. To be able to cover ground in the attack.
  2. To support the play.
  3. To quickly create numbers up in the attack.
  • Comfortable In Possession.


  1. To be able to keep hold of the ball.
  2. Confident with the ball.
  3. To not panic when the ball is at your feet.
  4. To be able to control the ball and make a good decision on what you are going to do with it.
  • Dynamic.


  1. First thought upon receiving the ball is to get forward with it.
  2. Change of speed / direction when going forward is fast and unpredictable.
  • Effective Going Forward.


  1. Recognize forward open space to dribble into.
  2. To be able to play a hard driven ball into your forwards feet if they are checking into space to receive the ball.
  3. To be able to find seems to split defenders and break lines of defense.
  4. Create scoring opportunities.
  • Balanced, Supporting Attack and Defense.


  1. To create angles of support.
  2. Body position is open to the rest of the field, so you can receive the ball across your hips and push your first touch into open space going forward.
  3. Shift / Slide over towards the middle of the field when the ball is on the opposite side. Covering up any open space.
  • Creative.


  1. To be unpredictable.
  2. Take risks.
  3. Create more scoring opportunities.
  4. To disguise a pass.
  5. To beat a defender.
  6. To create space for yourself to receive the ball.

They Have The Ball:

  • Understands angles to delay opponents counterattack.


  1. To stop opponents from getting forward.
  2. Cut off passing lanes to players.
  3. To force opponents to play to a certain side of the field.
  4. To allow our players to quickly get behind the ball to cover.
  • Willingness to track back.


  1. To help defend.
  2. To pressure opponents from behind.
  3. The desire to win the ball back.
  4. To fill up dangerous open spaces.

Being a Fremont YSC Attacking Midfielder:

  • Mobile
  • Confident in Possession
  • Dynamic
  • Effective Going Forward
  • Balanced, Supporting Attack and Defense
  • Creative
  • Understands Angles to Delay Opponents Counter Attack
  • Willingness to Track Back


Club Membership Message

Please see the video below for the full message.

This is for us a time of uncertainty, but like we tell the players, we can control the controllable’s, and for us at this time it is a transition to an online platform while we remain ‘shelter in place’.

Our objectives at this point are as follows –

  • Support the psychological and social implications of a shelter in place situation for the players.
  • Support the families of the club while we are experiencing financial difficulties through this period.
  • Support and continue work opportunities for all staff within the club, during these financial difficulties.

Our methodology to support these objectives for the short term is to provide the online platform with video sessions and conferences for teams and individuals. The video above will go in to greater detail with what we can continue to provide the players, how we can support families, and the option we have for on field practice during the summer to make up for the time away from the field.

Parks, Pitches, and Patios, Week 2

Here is our second installment of the practice at home program from Fremont YSC.

Coaches will be conducting online conferences with their teams to cover the session, and provided guided discovery to ways in which the player can further develop the session at home, along with individual challenges and competitions.

Players, do not forget to upload a 15 second clip to your TeamSnap account under the media files.

Weekly Review 33

We’re not quite on the fields, but that can’t stop us from training an staying engaged. The following clip is great collection of what players from all ages have been doing to stay active, and practice at home.

This week we set the at home practice of a small playing area, with obstacles central to this area for players to dribble around. The area was only a 3 x 3, so had to keep the ball close and under control, we video for this can be found at the following link – https://www.fremontyouthsoccer.com/2020/03/parks-pitches-and-patios-week-1/

Diet and Sports Nutrition

As part of our shelter in place program, here is the second installment of our Together Stronger educational material that caters for the pillars of a players development outside of the technical/tactical pillar. The physiological pillar is more than just sprints and jumps, it’s important to put the correct fuel in to your body for optimal performance, and how your goals will dictate your food plan.

See the following presentation for more information – Diet and Sports Nutrition