Which Program Should I Pick? (also see descriptions below)

  • Looking for a year round commitment with weekend games throughout the Bay Area – Competitive
  • Looking for qualified coaches – Competitive
  • Dedicated and committed to soccer as a preferred sport – Competitive
  • Looking to play for only 1 season (Spring or Fall) – Grassroots
  • Looking for something with a lower level of commitment with fewer trainings – Grassroots
  • Looking for a program with volunteer coaches, and something I can also be a part of by volunteering to coach – Grassroots
  • Looking for an introductory program, immediately after school – Soccer School
  • Looking for a program with no weekend commitments – Soccer School
  • Looking for a holiday program for my child to attend over a short term duration – Camps

Recreation: Grassroots and District League

Fremont YSC Grassroots is the program that caters for the needs of the recreational player, the program where play is most important.

The current youth sports landscape has players pushed in to overly structured sessions, with loads of cones and line drills, stifling the individuals attempts to be creative in their thinking, limit their spontaneous problem solving ability, and turn youth sport in to a boring organized chore.

Fremont YSC Play focuses on the need for FREE PLAY, an opportunity for players to love the sport, be safe, and play.

“Play in all its forms is the right of every child. Activities that employ and teach safe and inclusive play and sport are tools to improve children’s lives”. UNICEF

In child development play is a huge component through the early stages of growth, so much so that is a right of every child to have free play –

United Nations High Commission for Human Rights, General Assembly Resolution, 1989

At Fremont YSC we have the program, that provides the safety, and freedom for children to play through the medium of soccer.

Click Here For Recreation Soccer

Competitive Soccer: Training Pool, Club Program, Seniors

The Fremont YSC philosophy is to develop the complete player, through social, physical, psychological, technical, and tactical development. This development is nurtured through practice in safe, and fun environments, balancing structured coached practice, with more open free play.

All programs are based on the individual needs of the player, with the Competitive Program being professionally coached following an age appropriate curriculum, with reference to the Fremont YSC game model, and addresses the individual player elements.

Fremont YSC has the following programs for Boys and Girls ages U7 to U19.

Fremont YSC Training Pool (U7 to U8) Click Here For U8 Training Pool

Fremont YSC Competitive Program (U9 to U19) Click Here for U9 to U19 Competitive Program

Soccer School

Fremont YSC is excited to offer Soccer School Programs at Fremont elementary schools for grades through 1 to 6.Our “Learn a Skill & then Play” focuses on fun!  Each week players will learn a new dribbling skill, and then try the skill in small-sided games.  Our enthusiastic staff will encourage creativity and good sportsmanship in a pressure-free environment.


  • Coaches come to your school to run the sessions and provide all equipment for the children; kids simply wear athletic shoes (cleats optional), shin guards, and bring a water bottle (or use school water fountains).
  • Participants enrolled in program meet for one hour, once a week, after school for 6 or 12weeks – dates vary by school.
  • Classes are held in the Fall and Spring.
  • Financial aid is available to qualifying participants.

Click Here for the Afterschools


Our Camps are designed to provide players with a soccer environment that is fun, educational and developmental. Players are organized into groups based on age, skill level, and gender. It is important that players feel comfortable in their assigned group, therefore enhancing the quality of their overall soccer experience.

Each practice session is lead by an experienced coach that follows the Fremont YSC curriculum using the coaching methodology of skill progressive sessions and small sided games.

Coaches will be assisted by volunteers from the Fremont YSC Competitive Program and supervised by a full-time soccer professional.

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