Opening Weekend Message

This weekend is the opening weekend of the Spring season games in the Competitive program, the majority of games have been cancelled, but for a small few there will be games.

Carefully read through the following expectations –

  • Youth sports are about the kids, but we expect the parents to share the journey and be involved also. Make sure you get the players to the games and at 45 minutes before kick-off. You must update your availability through TeamSnap.
  • We have a great set of volunteers as managers, everyone else please support them by helping with putting up canopies, setting up goals, and taking down the fields afterwards.
  • Enjoy watching the kids play. They are not there for our entertainment, they are there for their own purpose, whether to have fun, be social, or continue to develop. All of this can be possible with your support.
  • Players, parents, and coaches, respect your area, the playing field, benches, and sidelines, and leave it a better place than you found it.
    • Players – make the jersey heavy! Put every bit of effort in to what you do, so those who follow must keep up the standards you set.
    • Coaches – lead as examples, and keep raising your bar.
    • Parents – leave the sidelines so those who you sat with can learn from your great example, so they have a great experience with Fremont.

The game needs to be given back to the players, and sports need to be an environment where life lessons can be learned. No shouting at a referee all we are teaching the kids through this is to be disrespectful and to challenge authority figures, and not in the correct way.

At Fremont YSC we have great parents, lets keep raising our bar, and making sure we follow through with the above expectations, so youth sports can be a place for all to enjoy, learn, and grow.

‘Not all humans are players, but all players are human’

Serving the Player, Not the Adult, ‘Changing the Game Project’

Parents always get the rough end of the blame game when sports organizations talk about the current environment in sports. It is not a fair reflection of the current adult focused youth sports environment, and organizational leadership and coaches are just as much to blame.

I am proud of the Fremont YSC Player-centric approach to its program, in both Comp and Rec. There will always be pushback if there is no education in to the process of a clubs development pathway, and if anyone ever has a question about what we are doing I am always available to chat.

Please see the following great article on how we can all make a difference –