Education, Work and Volunteer Opportunities

An important area of development for youths is a work experience. This can bring out the personality and character of an individual, but most importantly teach the life skills needed of commitment, work ethic, leadership, integrity, and accountability. Working and volunteering with youth groups is incredibly rewarding, and the experience is an eye opener to the influence and effect we as adults have on the youth, and how we can shape the future of individuals from an incredibly young age.

At Fremont YSC we have a program in place to help support and guide the players through their volunteering commitments needed for High School credits, and work opportunities in many of our programs including camps and recreation. One of the many generational changes has seen fewer workers from the younger generation, where many of today’s current workers had started working from as young as 12, whereas now a lot of people are not experiencing employment for the first time until after their college years.

High School Volunteering

Players Born 2007 and 2006 (U15 and U16 season 2021/22)

  • U4 to U6 Grassroots Program

Volunteering positions are as assistant coaches within the programs listed. The volunteer program is incredibly rewarding as you will be with the future of Fremont YSC, and the young players will be looking up to you as role models. The volunteer is supported with an education session and contact with the program director, Eric Depositar. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Eric at –

High School Coaching

Players Born 2005, 2004, and 2003 (U17 and older season 2021/22)

  • U8 Grassroots Program
  • U11 + Grassroots Program

Grassroots coaching involves the set up and delivery of the 4 v 4 session. U8’s have one session a week, while older’s have one 4 v 4 session as part of their weekly sessions. This provides the coach with leadership growth as they are responsible for their group, and an opportunity to work on critical communication skills in a dynamic environment. All coaches receive coach education and contact support from the director of the program. These positions are compensated and the coach will be a staff member of the club. Coaches are expected to be committed to the role like any other job, with full attendance and effort expected. This prepares the individual for the role and demands of employment as they head towards young adulthood.

U8 Coaching –

U11 and older coaching –


While learning to play soccer is clearly an important component of a youth soccer program, we strongly believe in the holistic development of the human, and we see part of this as being preparation for the future which can include career opportunities beyond playing soccer, but also understanding valuable employment skills.

  • First complete the online grassroots coaching course, through the USSF (prerequisite for volunteering).
  • Seniors will need to complete both grassroots introductory, and the 4v4 online module (prerequisite for coaching positions).

Grassroots online can be completed at the following link –

Complete and provide the certificate of completion for Grassroots, and Fremont YSC will cover the cost of the online 4v4 module if completed before the start of the Fremont YSC Grassroots program. In future seasons, if 4v4 has already been completed, we will support your progress to the 7v7 module and beyond.