A Players Perspective

Sadly the recent November Nights Showcase for the Senior teams, was the last soccer event for Musashi Avalos. While his final event with Fremont YSC, he is still considered part of the family and welcome to play at any time or be part of any club events until he graduates college. While sad for us to see a player move on, it is great for Musashi as he focuses on his stellar track ability and works towards a commitment for college sport.

Musashi sent an incredible letter to the team, and something I hope you all take the time to read, it is an incredible insight to the thoughts and experiences of a youth player.

Dear soccer, I was never supposed to take you seriously, nor was it expected to become impactful in my life, you were supposed to be something my parents just put me in to kill time or to put something on my college application. Starting from the first time Coach Dai recruited me at summer camp, until my last minutes in San Diego, this journey has been filled with bittersweet memories, hard work and grit, and an irreplaceable bond with some of my closest friends I have met. I lost passion for soccer around 2 years ago, but what continued to motivate my passion for playing was my love for my teammates, the inherent procreation of an inseparable bond was in my possession. This was a family I wanted to grow, mature, and live with. From practice every night under the bright lights, from traveling hours just to go away games, from changing from MVU to FYSC has all been a wonderful journey. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and I have decided to forego my soccer career in order to fully commit to track. To expand on the magnitude of this decision, I have received offers from multiple D1 schools with high aspirations that I will attend one of those schools in 2 years. This has been one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I will ensure that I will not regret it and continue to work harder. 

As Coach Dai always states, it’s about the development. As of this moment I have a complete understanding of what he means. At the end of the day, it isn’t about how many goals you score or the team wins the state cup, it’s an accumulation of growth and maturity as a person. Dai, under your guidance I have grown to become a successful athlete, but more importantly, I have become a better person that exhibits hard work, commitment, sportsmanship, and generosity (sorta). To all the parents that came out every weekend, thank you for all your support and I hope you continue to support the whole team until it’s very last moments. In addition, if any parents read this, I want to emphasize that winning isn’t everything. I fully understand the concept of losing 6-0 every game, been there and done that. It is about development as a person, to explain concepts of commitment and dedication. Parents, you shape your children and will never understand how impactful you are to your children, they see and view how you act on a daily basis. Speaking from a teenager’s perspective, my parents are my role models, and looking at how supportive and committed they were, made me want to do the same. 

To the players. We have grown and lived with each other from when we were just kids kicking a ball, and to see some of you submitting college applications hurts. To every single one of you, I personally know that you guys all have the potential to do fantastic things in life. To my 2nd family, you guys have been one of my closest supporters and friends, and i hope it continues to be that way. Although I won’t be on field anymore, I will be supporting you guys to the best of my abilities and I wish the best for everyone. 

Lastly, to my parents. There has never been a moment where you have let me down, despite being tired, sick, busy, you always made sure that I attended every game and practice. I never realized the importance of having you guys beside my side watching my games, always supporting me no matter what the scoreline portrayed. I’m sorry that all your efforts towards my soccer career may seem for naught, but they are not, I am striving and working towards a bigger dream. Thank you. 

Dear Soccer, I’ve hated you for so long now, and I’ve pushed my body to the limit. I dreaded going to games and practices, and hated high school season. But now, I understand how much you mean to me, I’ve developed my character and my athleticism, and I’ve forged bonds and joined a family that I will never forget. Dear soccer, sorry for not appreciating you while it lasted, and thank you for everything. Thank you for giving me happiness. 

-Musashi Avalos

To put into perspective the context of the message. Musashi is an accomplished player, having won many league divisions, State Cup Winner, and recently an undefeated league season in the Premier playing bracket, and winning all 3 games at the November Nights College Showcase, and all of this as a team mostly playing up an age group. He does not mention any of this in his message, and neither does the club advertise these accomplishments, as the process, environment, and experience, is so much more important that trophies, medals, and playing brackets.